Everybody loves to feel good and smell even better that is why there are thousands of fragrances and product available on the market. Since the sweat glands are part of our body and they remain activated almost all the phases of our life, we need some products to overcome the odor. Therefore you can buy any particular scent you like or any cologne that you love.

Many people also ask that why some colognes last longer than the others. Yes, it is true there are many types of colognes which can give lasting fragrances and last up to 24 hours too. But how will you spot the lasting colognes and what makes them better than other?

1.    Perfume density:

The primary reason behind any perfume success and failure lies on what quality of perfume is used in it. Many times you have seen the particular percentage of fragrance which shows that it a certain amount of perfume percentage in it. That is why the ration of water, alcohol, and fragrances plays a vital role in lasting of any cologne. It is also because a little quantity of original fragrance is sold in thousands of dollar in the international market. It is diluted with other ingredients and results in a particular scent and cologne. Therefore when we go for higher perfume percentages, we have to pay for it and these colognes are quite expensive too.


2.    Chemical bond:

Sometimes you experience that two of your same colognes (having similar perfume percentage) have different lasting hours. One can last longer than other even having similar portions; it happens because of a shared reason, the chemical bond. The cologne is made with a chemical process which let the whole ingredient create a strong bond between them; it is because there can provide different bonding level between different cologne. Which is why a cologne with dense bonds will last longer than those who have a weaker bond since when these colognes hit any warm body or gets interaction with air, it breaks quickly and evaporated fast. That is why these colognes not only last up to few hours, but also you need regular application after some time.


3.    Expensive ingredients:

Other than just cologne there are many other ingredients which make a good cologne that is why it has an essential role in longer lasting of any cologne. There are many chemicals and alcohol used in making any cologne that is why when a brand makes lasting colognes; they also make sure that they use expensive products and ingredients in it. Therefore you can say when you are buying relatively costly cologne, it will last much more hours as it has many components which help it increase it’s lasting,


4.    Stronger scents:

Other than the formula and percentage of the perfume, some scents are much stronger than the others. You might have experience that some flowers, spices and aquatic elements have much lasting smell than the other like when we cut a melon, the scent might not go for hours, on the other hand, a banana has less scent, and it disappears quickly. That is why those elements which have stronger scents and smell are used for thousands of years in making perfume and cologne. It also plays an essential role in making of any perfume, some lighter note elements might give you fragrance for few hours but when you go for the deeper and stronger ones it can last for many more hours.


5.    Right application method:

The other primary reason for your perfume lasting is the correct method of application. Many people make common mistakes in applying the cologne, and that is why it gets evaporated way too quickly. Therefore you must know how and where to use the cologne for more lasting and better results.

There is pulse point of your body which is also known as the warm areas such as the neck, lower jaw line, armpits, shoulders, elbow, knees, etc. that is why when cologne is applied on these areas, it lasts much more hour. Also, make sure that you have clean and dry skin before using any cologne and avoid spraying it on your clothes as it allows the product to evaporate quickly. Make sure that you spray from 3 to 6-inch distance directly on your body and avoid rubbing it as it will weaken the chemical bond of the cologne and it will not last long after that.


6.    Right storage:

It is equally essential for you to store your cologne in a proper way which is equally vital for its lasting fragrance. You have to avoid keeping it in a warm or hot place such as showers because it the heat breaks the chemical bond of the cologne even it is applied. Also, make sure that there is no pressure where the cologne is stored as it does the same for your product. Make sure that you place your bottle in a calm and dry place which not only helps in improving the shelf life of your cologne but also equally essential for lasting results after application.


There are some simple and easy steps which help the cologne to improve its life, and that is why you have to check its ingredients, notes of the scents, storage and correct method of application. It helps you get the much more lasting effect on the cologne as well.

Published by will Ent