Yo what’s shaking bloggers, readers, kids, teens, whatevs..? Today I was thinking about all those times people have annoyed me about wearing glasses which is totally cool! *I mean, wearing glasses is cool* Today’s post will be about questions why people don’t like glasses. Yeah you heard well, they’re questions, not answers.

Seriously, some people refuse to wear glasses for no reason! Maybe they have some reasons but I guess they ain’t good ones. Some of my friends, classmates and EVEN teachers refuse to wear glasses!!! Like why? Do you loose your IQ for just wearing glasses? They prefer loosing their vision than using glasses!!! It annoys me so much because they make us (people who wear glasses) feel kinda like awkward about wear glasses which shouldn’t happen!

DISCLAIMER: I like wearing glasses. No, I love wearing glasses. Like, few months ago, I changed my glasses cause also my vision got a LITTLE worse. #BlurredLines And I’m insanely in love with them!!! With this post, I’m tryna encourage people to wear glasses and not feel bad about wearing them. People should be proud to wear glasses! Cause that’s us and that’s our vision and our eyes and such is life. And some of us live it completely happily with glasses!!!

So here are my questions why people don’t like wearing glasses:

BECAUSE YOU THINK THEY MAKE YOU UGLY? Some people consider other people who wear glasses ugly. Glasses ain’t make people ugly! What on earth makes you think such a stupid thing! Why do you think the’re different types of glasses! You choose whatever dresses your face better!! Glasses ain’t made to make people pretty, they’re made to make you see in FULL HD!!

BECAUSE THEY MAKE YOU LOOK NERDY? Most of the nerds in my school ain’t wear glasses. Normal people like me do. Why do people classify people with glasses like nerds. But I’m here to solve your doubts, don’t worry people: Glasses don’t change your personality and turn you into a nerd. That only happens in cartoons.

BECAUSE YOU’RE TOO COOL FOR GLASSES? When is someone too cool to have some good vision? Let’s see it that way. Now you don’t think the same, huh? What did you think glasses were for? For fun? Some people (thank god, not my case) ain’t see a thing without them!! Do ya think I wear glasses cause I’m a nerd?

BECAUSE YOU DON’T WANNA SEE? God… who thinks that? Like: Yo dude, I ain’t wearing glasses cause I ain’t like seeing well dude… psh! If you’re like that, you ain’t have a brain.

BECAUSE YOU LOOSE YOUR PRIDE OR REPUTATION? What are your arguments? You think your parents are gonna disinherit you cause you’re wearing glasses? You think your reputation is gonna disappear by wearing glasses? Your friends are not talking to you anymore by wearing glasses?

Also, why do people love sunglasses but hate normal glasses? Like you wear sunglasses even at night, but you’re too cool for normal glasses? In what kind of universe does that make sense? If you need some effing glasses, then put on  glasses!!

Wear glasses if you need them. Ain’t nobody gonna thin you’re uglier just cause you’re wearing glasses *cause nobody cares if you looks uglier* so don’t be afraid of wearing glasses. It’s for your good! For your sight’s sake. *have I just invented an expression?*

Well guys, I hope this wasn’t too offensive cause that isn’t my intention believe it or not. Do you wear glasses? Do you like wearing glasses? Does it annoy you that people judge you by wearing glasses? ‘Nuff said, hope you liked this post and hope you have a great day!!


Published by Anna Regina