This is a critical theme to examine. Why such a great fixation on body image? Yasmin Mogahed reveals some insight into body image and how to have positive body image.


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Who are you? What do you think you resemble? Also, more are those inquiries that go to your brains when body images are setting in. Shaytan uses psychological weapons to cheat on human. One of such is body image whose aftermath could be disastrous if not partitioned.

Body image is much similar to a self-representation—what you imagine yourself to be—it incorporates how you think and feel. Body image is the manner by which you feel where it counts about yourself. It is generally in light of how others respect you.


Self-idea/concept is the individual one considers oneself to be founded on what Allah or others see or think about you.


Self-esteem—one’s feeling of worth will be founded on one’s appearance, perfor­mance and endorsement.


Sense of pride—proper respect or regard for oneself based upon adjustment to acknowledged good principles.


How imperative is it to have a solid self-idea/concept?


How you see yourself and how you feel about yourself will influence pretty much every part of your life. You will most likely think, talk, act and respond as the individual you think you may be. Truth is you will never transcend the picture you have of yourself in your own brain. In building up a sound mental body image, we should construct our mental body image in light of what Allah’s Word says in regards to us, as opposed to the false, flighty measures of society.


Muslim women are to build up the picture of their value and esteem from Allah, not from sheer imitating others. The mending of our low body image relies on the decision we should all make: Will we listen to the world out there, and Shaytan the fallen angel utilizes our shortcoming, our most exceedingly terrible fears, to do the undoable, making us take up the wrong choice disregarding and welcoming the works of Allah. Satan utilizes mental rockets on us.


In this article, it is apropos to know and be extremely aware of the primary purposes behind body image: low body image.


It is essential to have a solid self-idea The essential wellsprings of our mental self-portrait?


How we build up an appropriate assessment of ourselves?


What are the two greatest falsehoods we trust that add to low body image?


What are a portion of the essential issues that originate from low body image?


Frailty—a feeling of uselessness encourages shakiness and misery.


Desire—Doubting our own particular worth, we’re envious of the individuals who seem preferable off over us.


Outrage—Comparing ourselves with others, we can get to be irate and angry.


Dread—we have concealed fears that others may find how we truly feel about our actual selves.


Narrow-mindedness—an absence of body image produces complete ingestion in addressing our own particular needs.


Blame—by concentrating on disappointment as opposed to absolution, we are crushed and feel remorseful.


Did you realize that probably the most intense weapons of Satan are psychological?


Trepidation is one. Question in another. Outrage, antagonistic vibe, stress and, obviously, coercion top the rundown. Long standing blame is difficult to shake for a few. An uneasy feeling of self-judgment appears to hang like a haze over excessively numerous Christians. Per­haps a standout amongst the most fatal weapons in Satan’s munitions stockpile is low body image since it has such a pervasive impact on each part of our lives. We’re discussing a gut level sentiment mediocrity, a feeling of individual insufficiency and an absence of self-esteem.


Key to building up a sound self-idea?


What is our new position with Allah when we discuss body image?


Some Islamic proposals for building up a solid mental body image


There are four ways that Shaytan utilizes this overwhelming mental weapon: low body image:


  1. Low body image deadens possibilities.


Low body image brings about a heart breaking loss of human potential, diluted living, squandered blessings and broken dreams.


  1. Low body image smashes one’s fantasies.


One can’t live in or on his fantasies however can live by them. Low body image will annihilate any expectation of understanding Allah’s awesome arrangement for our life. We as a whole need the trust of a superior tomorrow. “Trust conceded makes the heart wiped out.” We might have the capacity to exist without trust however we can’t live as Allah plans without it.


On the off chance that you don’t think you would, you be able to can’t. Due to low body image that had deciphered into an absence of confidence one may overlook who he is a result of overlooking what he remains for. Throwing all desire on Allah and believing him can devastate low body image and there wouldn’t be any rise of body image.


  1. Low body image ruins association with Allah and everybody.


Our impression of Allah gets to be con­taminated by our misperception of ourselves.


Low body image can keep us from trusting that Allah truly adores and thinks about us. Low body image wrecks interpersonal connections more than whatever else that I know. Here once more, Shaytan has us exactly where he needs us—detached from Allah and others. A standout amongst the most widely recognized methods for managing sentiments of low body image is pulling back from our associations with others and re-strategize to feel a feeling of having a place. Such thinking prompts inward inquiries and feelings of disdain which can genuinely undermine one’s association with Allah. In the event that we don’t generally trust that Allah needs the best for us, in what manner would we be able to truly believe Him? We get to be incredulous of Allah’s specialty and start to detest the stone worker, Allah. Consequently, body image.


  1. Body image disrupts our Religion


On the off chance that low body image brings about dietary issues, by what method can a Muslim capacity in a sound way if there are such a variety of reasons to be disconnected from others “I’aint not great at this…? I’aint adequate for that.” Low body image denies Allah of the grand open doors for Him to demonstrate His capacities through conventional individuals like us. Nothing disrupts Muslim women than having low self-regard and body image.


flower-bulletParts of a sound mental self-portrait for a Muslim women


flower-bulletFondness – A feeling of belongingness, consideration, of being needed, acknowledged, delighted in, and cherished.


flower-bulletAcknowledgment – A feeling of worth and quality—an inward feeling that I check, I’m esteemed, I have something to offer.


flower-bulletEndorsement – A feeling of being equipped—sure that I can play out an errand, meet a test, adapt to life.


What are the essential wellsprings of our mental self-view?


There are four components that help us develop our mental self-portrait:


The external world (Social) incorporates all the outer components that have gone into your cosmetics—parentage, childhood, how you were prepared, treated, adored and administered to, an impression of the responses of the essential individuals throughout your life and all your background up to the present.


The inward world (Psychological) — this incorporates the mental and enthusiastic hardware we have to adapt to life. It incorporates our faculties, our nerves, our ability to learn, enrol and react. This additionally incorporates the way that each person has an evil, egotistical human instinct which influences everything that we do.


Satan and his guile wiles utilize our low body image as weapons against us. He utilizes mediocrity, insufficiency and self-disparaging to annihilation Christians and keep them from understanding their maximum capacity as Allah’s kids. He can place musings in our brains that don’t begin with us.


Allah and His honest Word is the way to rectifying our false convictions about ourselves. Allah is the way to moving from the issue of low body image toward a positive self-idea. He is the key for moving in the opposite direction of the ailment to the cure of the ailment of low body image.


Key to building up a sound self-idea


Individual worth is an endowment of Allah. It is not earned or accomplished, can’t be added to or taken from, need not be demonstrated and should not be denied. We don’t do anything to fit the bill for it. It is our own during childbirth. Likewise with any blessing, it must be acknowledged, intentionally with thanksgiving.


In this way, today, my kindred Muslim women ought to rush to Allah, the all adequate and altruistic one.


Quit detesting on yourself for not being great. On the off chance that God needed flawlessness, He would have made you a heavenly attendant. –


Yasmin Mogahed Quotes


No to the individuals who wish to “free” me (beautifiers, pharmaceutical, and other experimentally demonstrated treatment), I have one and only thing to say: “Much obliged, yet no way.”


I’m not here to be on show to the world. Also, my body is not for open utilization. I won’t be diminished to an article, or a couple of legs to offer shoes. I’m a spirit, a brain, a worker of Allah. My value is characterized by the excellence of my spirit, my heart, my ethical character. In this way, I won’t love your magnificence benchmarks, and I don’t submit to your design sense. My accommodation is to something higher.


As Muslim women, we have been freed from this quiet subjugation. We needn’t bother with society’s standard of excellence or design, to characterize our value. We don’t have to end up quite recently like men to be respected, and we don’t have to sit tight for a ruler to spare or finish us. Our value, our honor, our salvation, and our finish lie not in the slave. Be that as it may, in the Lord of the slave.


With my cloak I put my confidence in plain view – as opposed to my excellence. My quality as a human is characterized by my association with Allah, not by my looks. I cover the unimportant. Also, when you take a gander at me, you don’t see a body. You see me just for what I am: a hireling of my Creator.


As a Muslim women, I’ve been freed from a quiet sort of subjugation. I don’t reply to the slaves of Allah on earth. I answers to their King.






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