Why Elephants indeed.


I chose elephants because they are the creature I idolize the most. They are loving, caring giants who are often misunderstood and mistreated. For me they represent strength, family, and love. An elephant is only alone for a short period, the day it dies. Otherwise elephants are pack animals, mainly matriarchal. Males typically wander alone unless it's mating season. (Yes, I know that ruins my original analogy, but whatever.)


I hope my blog can bring like minded writers and readers together. I hope it brings me closer to the community that I feel like I lost when I switched colleges.


I'm Victoria. A lost college student still going because she wants that coveted degree. A bride to be to the most supportive man this side of Heaven. A mom to two lovely cats, one of which is a spoiled brat.


Mostly, I am a lost writer. I hope posting here, getting inspiration from you all will help me remember the writer I once was. I'm hoping posting here will give me a routine other than work, school, basic life, repeat.


I thank you all in advance, for the journey ahead!


Happy Writing!


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