Nowadays everybody has an opinion on everything. However the vast majority of people never spread their believes out into the world. They may debate at family dinners or discuss the topic with friends, but rarely does it leave the comfort and safety of home. Why is that? Are we that afraid of what people think of us? What is the worst that could happen (going from the fact of course that you live in a democracy like I do in Germany) ? The worst that could happen for most people is being considered an activist. Why? Well because activists are a special socially not acceptable species  that live in a deluded world were peace and happiness rules and unicorns exist.

And then there is me. Somebody who has this crazy idea that I don't have to go along with what everyone else are doing and have been doing since I was born and even before that. There is me, someone who believes that one person that speaks up against injustice can change the  world. And that to me is what an activist is. And everybody with a functioning brain and some balls has the power to be one. Activists aren't a special species, we are like everyone, just with a vision. That vision might be far from reality. But if you wouldn't discourage a child wanting to be a president or a astronaut  when he or she grows up, why discourage an adult to want to end child labour oder animal abuse or world hunger? Instead of belittling others why not find a passion and spread the shit everywhere. Because if you dont live for something, you'll die for nothing.

Published by Helen Roberts