Every now and then we find ourselves in situations, where family or our significant other is not quite enough as our support system. They are probably doing the best they can to make our day better, show sympathy and understanding but yet something is still missing. This is where the single most important person comes into play. The best friends know exactly what we need, how we feel and what to say - regardless of time and distance that separates you. Often we are at crossroads and need advice and there is no one better to ask than your best friend. It is the most challenging choice and decision to make when picking your best friend and there is no manual to guide you in helping to  make this choice. If you are struggling in picking your best friend, here is the list of reasons why having a good best friend will make a difference in your life and why you should really take your time in choosing.

They always have the perfect words: they know exactly what to say when you are upset over a break up, when you get your long awaited promotion and when making made of honour speech at your wedding.

They've seen your true colors: The best friend is the only one who has seen you cry, angry, happy - basically all your emotions off limits - none of this pretend to be happy crap. They know your true colors.

They know exactly what you need even if you are in denial: Need I say more? Your best friend will think of something that you need, without you even knowing that you need it! If you have experienced this with your best friend, you know exactly what I mean.

Darkest secrets are not secrets anymore: Your best friend knows your deepest secrets and still loves you the way you are. 

​Crazy nights out: With your best friend any night is a crazy night out, no matter what you do. There's laughter, dancing and of course gossip - what else is needed to make a perfect night?

Fights? Although you may have disagreements with your best friend, they would never grow into anything more than that and will be forgotten in the matter of seconds. Best part is that even if you are in a disagreement, they will come running if you hear you are in trouble.

Family: Last but not least your best friends become part of your family. 

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Published by Karina Saakyan