No matter how much technology advances but there is one thing that cannot change for sure. Emails are the best means of communication and undoubtedly will remain so for a long period of time. There might be a chance it might change a bit due to the impact of technology like AI (Artificial Intelligence) but the sole motive will remain the same, and that is to convey a specific message to the receiver. Emails are not just another way of passing on a message, but it is the backbone of businesses and the best effective way to communicate with a client or sending quotation, proposal, invitation to present and potential clients. But there is one problem that hinders the sole motive of Email, and that is a long list of invalid emails. Emails tend to get inactive, or the domain they are associated with get expired. Besides this, many emails become inactive as email addresses tend to get change.   

Every business or service provider has a long list of emails of present and past contacts, and it uses them to convey an important message. But the fact is that not all emails reach to the receiver as there are many reasons behind it like invalid syntax in an email address, email attached to invalid/inactive domains, etc. So businesses require an effective way through which they can identify the emails that have become inactive and can remove them from the list. This is generally very hectic task as removing invalid emails consume a lot of time and forget about it if the list consists thousands of emails.

Well, this seems like a daunting task doesn’t it? Yes, it is because sorting every email id is an unproductive work that consumes a lot of time. So how to find a solution for this issue as it can hinder the growth of any business and can be a sure reason behind the failure of any campaign. But you need not worry at all as there are tools for email address verification that can sort out invalid emails from a long list of emails and make things easy.

What does the Email Verification Tool Be Capable of Doing for Your Business?

Find Duplicate Emails: The tool can very easily remove all records that contain duplicate email addresses. So there is no need to do brainstorming about duplicate emails that occupy the space.  

Can Remove Spam Email Addresses: Your email list might contain spam emails as well. But these tools have spam trap functionality that instantly cleans records of emails that matches their spam emails database.

Validate Domains: The email address verification tool can very easily track emails and remove them which are associated with an invalid/expired/parked domain.

Capable of MTA Validation: Email address verification tool can very easily track about the mail transfer agent and can investigate if it has valid MX records or not.

Verify Email Syntax: Email address verification tool also removes any email address that contains invalid syntax. So email with incorrect syntax is removed from the long email list to ease the things.

Facilitates Realtime Bouncing: The tools send undetectable emails to the emails in the list and thus gather data about an email address that have bounced back.

Published by Mudassar Ali