We have a popular saying in our beautiful country—Athithi Devo Bhava, which literally means ‘the guest is god’. Branching from this saying, there are many people in India, especially in the hill stations, who have opened their homes for guests, so that everyone can enjoy the scenic beauty of our country. These homestays are extraordinary because they have the charm of a second home, and at the same time, they have the facilities of a hotel.   

When people get tired of their lives—and this tends to happen a lot in the big cities of our country—they often find a need to visit the quaint hill stations of India. This is when these homestays serve the best purpose.

Here are six reasons why everyone must always choose an idyllic homestay to spend their vacation in:

  • Peace

Peace is a valuable thing in today’s hustle bustle. All of us are looking for peace, and the homestays in the hill stations provide exactly that. Hidden from the rest of the world, these properties are usually located in the remote lands of hill stations. There are many homestays in Uttarakhand and other such hill stations, the likes of Himalica, which boast of uninterrupted tranquility in the lap of nature.

  • Natural Beauty

It is needless to say that these homestays offer a great view and picturesque atmosphere all around. One can enjoy the natural wonder that is our country and bask in its glory in these properties. Away from the dust and pollution of the cities, it is the perfect place to reconnect with nature.

  • Activities   

The best part about staying in a homestay is that one can be a part of the activities planned by the host, after consultation with the guests. This allows the guests staying in the homestay to make the most of their vacation and maneuver affectively with the help of the locals of the area.

  • Accessibility

Nowadays, it has become very easy to book a stay in homestays. This is mainly because the owners of these homestays usually have tie-ups with different platforms which help both the guests and the host to connect. Whether it is the tariff, itinerary, route, or any other such issue, it can be sorted out online before you reach the destination. These chat rooms and platforms also help both the parties to familiarize themselves with each other for a more pleasant stay.

  • Second Home  

One great thing about homestays is the comfort they provide. Many of us start feeling exhausted and uncomfortable in a hotel room, no matter how lavish it might be. This is because we begin missing home and the atmosphere of our home. But these homestays are actually homes, converted into accommodation for guests. Hence, one never actually feels homesick. It is like living in someone’s home, and enjoying the comfort. Additionally, the guests can roam around more freely, and the homestays end up being more spacious than hotels.   

  • Affordability

Hotels can be very expensive affairs. Plus, there is always that problem of extra bedding and maximum number of guests. However, homestays usually don’t have those problems. One can book the entire house and enjoy their vacation in privacy and solitude. They’re also more affordable when compared to most hotels in the cities or even in the hill stations of our country. They are spacious and comfortable houses where one can enjoy a good stay.

Now you know where to go for your next weekend getaway. Make sure you book a nice little homestay with a great view, and preferably many dogs you can pet and feed!


Published by Sumity Paul