Even though HTML5 was introduced not long ago, it has become the staple for game development only within a short period of time. Companies involved in-game and web development in India have been generally using Flash for a long period of time when it came to making online games. However, HTML5 has steadily captured the world of online games since it offers greater flexibility, effectiveness, and dynamism when it comes to making games. One of the major reasons for which gaming app developers love to work with HTML5 is that it allows them to benefit from its cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility. HTML5 also gets regular dynamic updates which really make it easier for game developers to have access to numerous useful and powerful features.

HTML5 is not Resource Intensive

A major reason for which gaming app developers in India loves to use easy programming languages like HTML5 while creating different types of games is that unlike some of the other gaming technologies, it is not so much resource intensive. Games made on HTML5 can function easily on any platform provided that it is in compliance with the markup language. Using HTML5 means that a nice game can be easily developed using a small team of technicians.

It is Perfect for Making Browser-based Games

Browser-based games are loved by all since they do not require an extensive installation of the game which can occupy disk space and reduce operational speed.

HTML5 has a Wider fan Following

HTML5 games can be played on any kind of OS platform and it is compatible with Linux and iOS. This is quite unlike Flash which does not work with iOS. It is for this reason that HTML5 browser games have a much wider audience.

It Has Cross-platform Features

In order to create games for Android and iOS, you need to make use of Java and Objective C. However, when you decide to work with HTML5, you do not have to work with two different languages. In fact, HTML5 lets you cover a much greater landscape easily. HTML5 allows you to create gaming apps that can work in all popular desktop and mobile browsers. You can also create games for FaceBook using HTML5 that can have a very strong fan following.

It is an Open Source Program

Another reason for which HTML5 is hot favorite among the software development companies in india is that it is an open source program. This allows you to change the code as per your game development needs. This also helps to make sure that the technology behind HTML5 always keeps on evolving and improving. This is quite a contrast to Flash since it is more or less the same even after all these years. HTML5 is also search engine friendly since the gaming information can be easily indexed by the search engines.

Considering the strategic and financial benefits of HTML5 in the sphere of game development, it is hardly surprising that companies that are involved in game development and software development in India always prefer to work with HTML5.

Published by Irfan Ahmed