Why am I jealous of the hijab-wearing women?

For years, the strict Muslim dress  code has been ridiculed and spat upon; while some Islamic regions like Dubai, UAE and Turkey have relaxed "this" dress code. What is the purpose of the hijab anyway?

The principle of wearing a hijab is this; and I'm jealous. To resist temptation, to be unattractive, so that the sole reason for attraction is the person inside and not for mere physical appearance! 

Pretty darn good. I think Christians should apply this principle and start wearing coverings over their head like nuns. Don't it make everything easier? Finding true love, avoiding temptation - all the elusive things the world is seeking. At least this is my opinion and my brother's too., It makes sense, right? Didn't the Bible characters like the beautiful Abigail or Jesus' mother, Mary wore head coverings similar to the hijab???!!!!! It was a sign of modesty in ancient Israel, coming from my father who attended a seminary.

Out of an act for modesty do Muslims wear a hijab, and no boys should see their hair, even just a single strand! They take very care to cover their head. But you must know,, Muslims are also people; although they are all Muslims, they have different values. The more conservative Muslims cover their entire face with only the eyes showing, while the more liberal Muslims like those in Dubai don't wear a hijab at all and even wear makeup!


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo