London is where lots of us aspire to be. I’m living the dream. I live just on the cusp of Stoke Newington Church Street. Gorgeous pastries and coffee for breakfast and the most amazing little grocery shops on my doorstep. I work in central London as an Events Coordinator for a flipping brilliant company and I have met the loveliest people I might ever meet in my lifetime.

So why am I leaving?

I’m tired. It’s as simple as that. The pace here is unique and I’m not sure I’m keeping up anymore. I love my cosy nights in with a blanket and when I have to wake up the next day, squeeze myself on to the tube and rush along the platform to keep up with the crowd, I feel a bit sad.

I love London. It is vibrant and gorgeous and exciting. I live in a dream Pinterest house with perfect housemates, I couldn’t ask for more. I’m just not feeling it anymore. I miss the countryside and I miss my family. I moved away from home in the north almost 10 years ago now. I travel back as much as I can but it’s getting harder to leave them. I want to go home.

So I am returning to the north. Wensleydale to be exact. My sister and I have exciting plans for a cake business and I am feeling the fire in me that I haven’t felt for a very long time now. I will miss London but I will love the countryside more.

It really has been a tough decision to make. But, it’s the right thing to do right now. I am the kind of person who holds off on making a decision because I am worried about making the wrong one. But it’s time to take control. I will be honest, I haven’t had the best of times here. Friendship and relationship dramas. I just want to be selfish for a year or so and figure things out, look after myself. I am really looking forward to new challenges and a brand new, fresh start! Not to mention the fresh air.

The point of this post is really that sometimes we have to make tough decisions to make ourselves happy. Sometimes we have to be brave and take the leap. I always thought I wanted to live in a big city with lots of opportunities. All I really want to do right now is be with my family, in a remote area of the Yorkshire Dales!

Nothing is permanent. Who knows where I will be living in a couple of years from now. It’s exciting though!

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