Recently I decided to become a pescetarian for several reasons. The first being that I am slowly cutting animal products out of my diet because I want to go vegan and decided that being a pescetarian was the first step. The reason I want to go vegan is not because it is 'trendy' and 'popular' but because I care about animals, our planet and myself. Being vegan is not only beneficial for yourself but it will help improve the environment. Consumers are the basis of the food industry, if people are buying and demanding meat then the food industry will produce overloads of meat. The meat industry is one of the most harmful industries for the environment. It produces extreme amounts of waste and pollution, so minimizing the meat industry would help reduce the green house gases that are released into the atmosphere. 

As a big animal lover I am committed to help animals however much I can and I believe that slowly transitioning to becoming a vegan is a big step. I have been a pescetarian for almost three months and it has been so much easier than I thought. I thought that I would constantly be craving meat, especially when I am around my friends who eat meat, but I have completely lost the appetite for it. I have also been cutting out fish and can almost call myself a vegetarian. Even though I do believe that going vegan or vegetarian is a great solution to help animals and the environment I understand that it is not for everyone and I am not trying to make people who eat meat feel guilty about it. 

Hopefully in a couple more months time I will be able to call myself a vegan!


Published by Wiona Siedler