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The one characteristic that all of my family members, friends, and other important people in my life share is a sense of humor. I have always valued comedy and try to surround myself around it as much as I possibly can. My parents raised me, but part of me feels like I was also raised by The SimpsonsSouth ParkKing of the HillMad TVFamily GuyThe Chappelle Show and other similar programs. Life can be a very dark and confusing place, so why not take time to address things in a more positive or humorous light? Here are a few of the reasons why I think comedy makes the world a better place:


Lessons Racial Tensions by Addressing Racial Issues

In the last decade or two a lot of comedy has focused on race, but I would have to say that The Chappelle Show paved the way to appropriately addressing it in a comedic way. Many skits Dave Chappelle did in the early 2000s poked fun at the small differences of different races. What set him apart from other comedians at the time is that he made fun of every race and culture, which resulted in putting all of us on an even playing field. In every single episode, when the camera panned out to the audience you would see audience members from different backgrounds bursting into laughter. Instead of making trivial stereotypes taboo he addressed them in his skits, and then showed the world that our differences can bring us together rather than separate us.


Brings About Important Societal Topics in a Humorous Way

Almost every single comedian and comedic show or movie incorporates current events and societal issues into their material. You see this all the time in South ParkThe Simpsons, and other similar shows. The typical topics include politics, celebrity gossip, and popular opinion about the current state of the world/country. Although sometimes these episodes can stray off-topic and become cringe-worthy, we can all agree that putting a funny spin on the current issue helps us cope with what is happening around us.


Creates a Type of Unity that Only Comedy Can Do

I briefly touched on this earlier, but many of us can relate to the stories that comedians and writers tell. Many of the situations they describe are usually not optimal things we would like to have happen to us, but with well-crafted deliverability and wit these artists can convey a relatable event and turn it into a whimsical experience for the audience. Kevin Hart is a great example of a comedian that does this. If you have not seen his stand up, you need to go to YouTube right now! He is hilariously honest about his life and you’ll feel as if you know him by the end of his routine.


Reaches Audiences of All Ages

Last April I went up to Long Beach to watch a collection of stand-up comedians perform at the Laugh Factory. It was an amazing experience! I have always wanted to watch stand up in person ever since the age of 12, but most comedy clubs are for ages 21 and over. I finally was able to attend my first one and it was everything I had ever hoped it would be. It was amazing to see the range of ages of people in the audience. There were people as young as my boyfriend and I all the way up to people who were probably in their 70s. We all laughed together as if we all had a mutual understanding of the material we were hearing and it was beautiful. Shows such as Bob's Burgers and The Simpsons do a great job at presenting comedy that you can watch with your family and not be embarrassed about.


Comedy has a way of letting us forget about our pain and coming together to laugh at life’s imperfections. Sometimes we have to address things in a serious issue, but every once in a while, we all need a good laugh.


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