After seeing the new comedy "Bad Moms" tonight, I am so much more excited to become a mom.

Before you say "Oh you shouldn't wish your days away, make sure to live in the moment" I understand where you are coming from. But I don't think there is anything wrong with looking to the future and hoping for a child to come. 

I am looking forward to watching my kid grow up. I am looking forward to raising my children around the Word. I am looking forward to hearing about their day at school, and to comfort them when life is not going so well.

This movie (if you haven't seen it, please drop everything and see it now!) has made me so excited for the future. And I know marriage isn't promised, so if I don't get married, I'd love to at least adopt a kiddo of my own. Either way, I know I am going to have a kid and raise them and love them with all of my heart.

I also can't wait to have other mom friends too. I can't wait to vent about our daily mom struggles. I don't know why that excites me, but it really does. It seems real and genuine.

All in all, I can't wait to be a mom. I can't wait to see a mini me running around. Hopefully I have the privilege to have kids of my own, and to have a family of my own. That would be a dream come true.



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