Contiki, Top deck, Intrepid what ever group travel company you choose, if at all is completely your own choosing at the end of the day. So let me now take you through why I choose Contiki when I choose to travel with a group company.

I think the main thing that has always stuck out to me is Contiki’s reputation. When I was first looking at going overseas a number of friends and family who had travelled with Contiki totally recommended it especially seeing as it was going to be my solo trip overseas.

Not only does Contiki travel to nearly every continent in the world but its travel options vary a lot. Take my trip coming up at the end of July for example, every city visited we stay 2 nights and the trip is what is called “Discovery plus” which allows you to see some amazing inclusions but also gives you a massive amount of free time to explore you location for yourself.

Contiki also cater to people who would like to spend a fair amount of time in the wilderness with camping trips offered and not only that but there are also trips for skiers and sailors alike.

But don’t take my world for it, head over to and see what takes you fancy and you never know it may be the start of an amazing adventure.

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Published by Jackson Mahoney