I totally agree that to say you don't care about politics is like saying you don't care about ANYTHING or ANYONE. Because politics, as much of a confusing minefield as it is, IS a part of your everyday life whether you like it or not. It's because of, or rather thanks to, politics that you are able to live your life, and that most of us on this side of the world are able to blog and speak our minds freely. Even so, I regularly choose NOT to talk about it. Why? Because it's one of those things people don't seem to be able to have a relaxed conversation about without getting angry…. 

Now there's nothing wrong with being passionate, but I do have a problem with rudeness and people judging others for their opinions. The fact of the matter is that, in my experience, most of the time when politics comes up as a topic of conversation among friends or even at work, it turns into a slanging match. Before you know it, people are shouting a verbally abusing each other or calling each other disgusting for having the audacity to believing whatever it is they do. 

It's when these things happen that I just think to myself that there's no wonder that people get nervous about politics and choose to remain ignorant. They're probably scared sh**less of asking questions out of fear of saying the wrong thing and starting a row. I do agree that conversations need to be had about politics. HOWEVER, if someone decides to vote differently or has go different beliefs to our own, is that really cause enough to start an argument? I believe people are entitled to their opinions regardless of whether or not they match my own. But I do hope that people base their opinions on facts and make up their own minds rather than let themselves be led by people around them. I know it takes guts and a whole lot of energy… But you're the one who's going to have to live with yourself and your decisions for the rest of your life, no one else...

Published by Agnes G