When it comes to using social media to promote my “brand,” I’m a newbie. And possible n00b. I don’t even know my brand yet, I don’t know my niche, if I even have one. But I found an article about using social media to build a following, and getting people to engage with you. I’m drawing a blank with the name of the article, and the person who wrote it, but you may know by the time I explain it. If you do, please let me know and I’ll give them credit.

What the person in this article did was started deleting pins on Pinterest with no engagement (repins, likes, comments), and once they finished this, they went to photos with 2 or less repins, likes, and comments. Then 3, then 5. And this made their Pinterest account look “better” to Pinterest because they have no pins with less than 5 engagements. Their Pinterest was more likely to be suggested to new users and those who are looking for more accounts to follow.

I decided to try this for myself and see how it panned out. Right now I’ve only deleted things with no engagement,  but that added up to 40,000 pins. Yes, 40,000. I cut my number of pins in half just by deleting pins with no engagement. I deleted a lot of boards as well and while I did lose some followers that were only following these boards, I’ve already gained 100 back and it’s been maybe a week.

I may write an update once I get through everything with less than 5 repins, and once I’m finished that, I’ll delete everything that doesn’t match the “aesthetic” I’m going for. If you’re wanting to get more people to engage with you on Pinterest, maybe you’re in it for the followers even, I would suggest trying this.

Published by Ashley Wood