Insert preconceived notions of what this article is about here.... right? Crazy title, I know, but I had to grab your attention. 

The title is true. I fired my mother. So you aren't reading a gimmicky blog post. On the contrary, by firing my mother, I learned a really important lesson that I wanted to pass on to my fellow followers. 

Maaaaayyyyyyyybe this particular person in your business, or life even, isn't your actual mother, but I can guarantee that we all have a client that just pushes all our buttons and grabs hold of every nerve. This may be your smallest client, or this may be your biggest client. For me, it was my mom. 

Aside from The Online Kitchen Designer, I am partnered with my father in a consulting company called Market Share Consultants. We specialize in digital marketing campaigns, social media, lead generation and pretty much anything and everything associated with growing our clients market share, hence the name. One brilliant day, I decided, slightly out of spite and slightly out of pity, that our market share team was going to help my mother get more leads for her business... and here is the kicker... for free. This meant a total re-brand of her company. New website (for free), new graphic design (for free), new logos, new content, new everything...yup, you guessed it, for free. 

My mother has what some would call a strong personality. I call it bitchy. It truly is that plain and simple. Despite this, I felt, that throughout the years I had built up a guard against it and decided to move ahead with the process anyway. 

Enough of the sob story, you get the point... let's talk about the lesson that I learned from this. 

SHE WAS A TERRIBLE CLIENT! She was rude to me over the phone, she demanded things with unrealistic time-frames, she would put off her end of the work for weeks, but when I was behind a day it was the end of the world. It even went as far as to calling me names over phone conversations and e-mails. (Similar to high school behavior) I KNOW this sounds familiar to many of you out there. This is ALOT of clients. 

After the last book length e-mail I received from her in response to telling her if she wanted control of her e-mail and domain she had to pay $100, I decided that I had had enough. I literally said out loud, "I wouldn't even accept this behavior from my highest paying client" ... and I fired her. 

The lesson is simple. I spent countless weeks trying to wrangle her into her own re-brand. I spent countless hours trying to fix the simplest of issues, only to get yelled at afterwards for not doing it fast enough. And it just wasn't worth my time. I lost more money dealing with her than I ever made from her, even if she would have been a paying client! It stressed me out. It bogged me down. It demotivated me. All things that CAN'T happen when you run your own businesses. I don't have a boss telling me to suck it up and get over it, I just have me. 

Lose the client that makes you significantly unhappy. If you calculated what you made per hour and then added up all the time that you have spent just dealing with that pesky client, I can almost guarantee that you're losing money.

This client doesn't have to be your mom, like it was for me. Actually, I can almost assure you that I am one of the very few people that has had to fire a family member outside of a family business...except my father, who fired my mother twice. This client more than likely does exist within your daily or weekly routine. So all I am suggesting is, if they are costing you more money than they are worth, can 'em.

On a personal note, if you are thinking "Isn't her mother going to read this post!!".. the answer is No. Why? Because despite how many times I tell my mother she needs to be active on LinkedIn to help her business grow, she refuses to listen to me...the person that handles (handled) her and many other clients marketing needs. 

C'est la vie my friends. 


Mara Shultz is a young entrepreneur that prides herself on being a Jack Of All Trades. She is an award winning songwriter and a founder and partner of Market Share Consultants and The Online Kitchen Designer. She leads Ring The World Together as a RE:definer, supporting and building a community for victims of sexual abuse/assault, molestation and rape. With over 5 years of sales and marketing experience in the home improvement industry she has learned  training techniques and hopes to create thousands of successful advertising and marketing campaigns.

 Mara has a love for blog writing, mostly in a sarcastic tone. She is known for witty, off of the wall posts, professionally, and writes raw and vulnerable personal blogs. You can follow her on or her LinkedIn page 

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