No, that's not me or my boyfriend. I do not have a boyfriend but I wish I did. And I wish I had a family! Byt I never have been pregnant before, which is some kind of phenomenon in this era, being 24 years old and all. But I might have been pulling along a kid with me today, just like most adolescents my age.

You see, I have amenorrhea. Now you may not know what that is, but I will tell you. Amenorrhea is a condition where the female rarely gets her period, maybe once in six months - why, there was a time in my life when I did not get my period in a span of three years! I told my ob-gyne this and amenorrhea was the verdict. 

Does that mean I'm not going to have any kids, ever? How rare is it? By now you may be now wondering how it is I'm so comfortable speaking about "menstruation" and "ob-gyne", but I'm not ashamed. It's a real thing that happens, it's the reason why mankind has reached the billion mark in population - otherwise we would have been extinct.

But you know, even before she examined me, I was scared. Because I was sexually active and promiscuous. Contracting STDs crossed my mind, but not prioritized. I never got any my monthly period, whether it meant I had sex or not, so I had no authentic "alarm". It would always be a "false alarm". I didn't want to disappoint my parents and the rest of my family. And so I decided to abstain from sex, no matter how pleasurable, until it's the right guy and until I'm married.

I may have turned old-fashioned in a modern technological world but short-term gratification is never good for the long-term future.


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo