See, the main reason I got additional piercings on my ear( one helix on my right ear and additional lobe on my left) is because, I like piercings. Of course, being judged came into my thoughts as I got them. Young people nowadays get judged for everything they do. Tattoos? Oh you must be a dropout who hangs out with the wrong crowd and smoke and drink. Why must society always think that way? When we get piercings or tattoos, we aren't being stereotypes. We use our body as a form of art to express ourselves as how we wish to be perceived. We do not do it just because we hang with the bad crowd. Times are changing, and I think the previous generations need to realise that many form of stereotypes are fading as well. We no longer need to smoke, drink, have tattoos and piercings just for people to judge us. No, in fact, its something that we choose. Why do we still live in a society governed by such traditional stereotypes. I personally think that its time for us to break those rules, because it is the beginning of a new era. If my generation is the first generation to make gay marriage legalized, its time to also change the view of people with tattoos and piercings. 

Published by Vitae Ihlathi