Why I Hate SpongeBob 

I am aware that this could cause a series of hate mail, probably led by my husband. 

I am not the parent that schedules out every hour of every day for my kids, I just don't have that kind of time, or energy for that matter. Besides, that's a first kid thing to do, by the time the 3rd comes around we are like "here watch this semi educational show for babies, or (grrr) sponge bob". Here is my issue, it teaches kids ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I don't consider setting the example that it's cool to be an idiot, educational.  

It's not the stupid humor, I can admit my sense of humor tends to be a bit childish (just a bit), but this is just ridiculous, it's a sponge who works at a fast food joint and has no dreams or ambitions of doing anything else with his life, he hangs out with a brainless starfish who does the most idiotic crap I've ever seen. 

Then there's Mr Crabs, he needs Jerry Springer because I'm no marine biologist, but I am reasonably certain that the whale is NOT in fact his daughter.  Otherwise he's probably pretty close to a lot of employers, pay as little as possible and keep the rest for himself. 

Squidward is just a grumpy old man who also doesn't like the stupidity of the two idiots, I can't hate on that, I kind of feel bad for him. 

Now I would rather have my toddler watch the baby channel, or even Thomas The Train, which teaches team work and owning up to your mistakes and that asking for help is ok. The baby channel teaches the basics, ABC's. Counting, sharing etc. 

The teenager in my house already seems to think that acting like an airhead is cool, he doesn't need spongebob to reinforce this behavior. (I'm aware that it's probably too late for him anyway and a tv show isn't going to influence him any more than it will me). 

The middle one, he doesn't sit still to watch anything and he's too smart for his own good, the only thing I worry about with him is getting that phone call that he streaked across the football field in his senior year. I've come to terms with that. 

Plus, why the (BEEP) does a squirrel live in the bottom of the ocean?  Little bubble air tank or not, you don't transplant from Texas to the bottom of the freakin ocean!  

I think I'm done now. (LOL)


Published by Liz Zemlicka