Working out is awesome because it makes me feel good. I feel really great when I workout and I really do enjoy the sight of my muscles getting pumped. I love working out because I enjoy looking great for my girlfriend as she loves my big muscles too. There isn’t really a greater feeling than giving your 100% to a workout and leaving the gym knowing you gave it your all. There is a sweet satisfaction in pushing your body to its limits and knowing that you did your best. It feels great knowing that your future is getting brighter in terms of your health and body and that your not getting fatter and even more unhealthy.

Working out also takes my mind off everyday worry and stress. This also feels wonderful to totally immerse yourself into an activity that you enjoy. Which in my case is working out.  I truly enjoy feeling the burn because I know I must be working out hard. Some people cringe at the burn while I love feeling the burn. When I feel the burn I know I am doing a good job and when I leave the gym exhausted that must mean that I gave a real great effort. Nothing says fuck yeah!, like a great muscle burn and exhaustion. This is the attitude I carry with me to the gym. I am not afraid of being burnt out and I am not afraid of pushing my body to its limits. These are signs of victory and not failure.

I also feel like my mind gets focus training. There is so much to be distracted by when your working out. Some days it feels like the last thing that I want to be doing . Deep down on the inside I know that if I am distracted that working out will be great to help me focus in on what’s important. Working out is very simple to me. I already have the workout I am going to be doing all planned out, so there is no thought to working out when I do get to the gym. I just need to focus on the intense muscle pain and safely lifting the weight, so I don’t hurt myself. Breathing is also important to focus on when working out. It really is a meditation to me and I love it. I get to hone my focus because if I don’t focus I don’t get the results that I want. Focus is needed and a wandering mind will probably produce a body with disproportionate proportions. I would probably be all over the place not really accomplishing anything meaningful . I like to focus on exactly what I want and target the muscles that I feel need to be worked.

I do workout mainly for the feeling of confidence that I get from working out and the sweet feeling of victory. There is not a feeling in the world like throwing heavy weights over your head when shoulder pressing and putting your body in the victory position. When athletes succeed they throw there hands in the air and that is what body movements you are doing in the shoulder press. Feeling victorious is a sweet , sweet feeling . Feeling confident is a sweet, sweet feeling. Feeling like you are making your way to a healthier stronger body is a sweet, sweet feeling . Knowing that my girlfriend will kiss me bulging biceps and caress my masculine chest is an even sweeter feeling .

I workout because it makes me feel good on the inside and reduces my everyday stress. I love working out less because of looks and more because it makes me feel like a badass on the inside. Working out is very emotional to me and I even use it as a tool to release anger when I am feeling very short tempered. The barbells are always there for me to support me and help me feel good. I love it!

Thank you God.

Published by James Jantzen