While everyone sits excited for a certain game to be released, I’ll be sitting on my own corner playing older games. To be more specific, PS1 and PS2 games -in fact- I can go all the way back to atari. As technology advances each month now with VR devices and new consoles being scheduled for release dates , I still seem to stray away. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love gaming in all consoles but new games doesn’t appeal to me anymore and here’s why.

Games started to heavily add the online feature not only in MMOs as before but all the games recently. The elements of ‘Sharing’ and ‘Connecting’ seem to take over everything not only in social media, and to prove my point the PS4 controller has changed with the Share button and it still irritates me. Apart from that, DLCs started to spread for every game as well and it just tempting for us gamers to buy them just because we want to continue playing our favorite game. Honestly without the online feature and DLCs I can beat the whole game -basic game as the cool kids call it-  in one or two days at maximum.

What also irritates me in new games are the new episodic genre. I’m not saying they are all bad, I just don’t understand the appeal of it. I honestly enjoyed Life is Strange which is an episodic type of game but I hate the fact that I have to wait two months to play the rest of the game. Take Dark Dreams Don’t Die for example such a weird yet fun game but season one ended back in 2014, now we wait for season two for how many more years ? Are game developers getting too lazy that they release games as small parts at a time ?

Let’s say we found a game without these disadvantages I mentioned, why I won’t still play it ? New games focus and rely too much on graphics that it overshadows the main storyline. I’m obviously not saying all new games are like that but the ones I did try. There’re so many good games with amazing graphics but can be beaten in few hours so this makes me wonder, why should I waste almost 60$ on game I can beat that easy. I rather spend 100 hours on a game that worth a price of nowadays’ games.

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Published by Rawiya Al-Amri