When your white and innocent like me you get fucked around a lot by people. It is kind of comical now when people come up to me thinking they can hustle me for smokes or money, or even that they intimidate me in any way shape or form. I feel like this city of Edmonton is special in that it is very ghetto. I use to get people trying to push me around all the time. People don’t push me around anymore. They try to push me around and intimidate me until I put on my big boy deep voice .

Show them a flex and talk to them like an educated citizen and then the group of drunken bums run the other direction. I have seen it a million times. Some shady guy walking down the street puts on his primal eyes from a distance and tries to intimidate me. Then as we get closer his eyes go down and he smiles politely. Damn straight bully!!! Finally found someone your own size to pick on and you bitch out … Some thug you are.

Working out makes you feel good about yourself and you in turn feel much happier. I have been working out for many years and am proud to say my body is steroid free. I look skinny from a distance just like an NBA player or body builder where you think they aren’t really that muscular or strong at all. Until you shake my hand and realise I could probably break your hand with the crush of my grip . Or that I am actually around 6,4 190 lbs. I feel almost freakish when I walk down the street. The amount of stairs and double glances that I get  are outrageous . I feel like if I had not of worked out I would of already been beaten to death and raped many times over.

Working out has been a crutch for me to deal with my anger and to help to be able to walk down the streets of Edmonton safely. Edmonton is crime city and has one of the highest murder rates of all of Canada. I still remember staying in a homeless shelter and hearing people getting mercilessly beat up outside. Scary to say the least. I have had people who clearly had bad intentions walking up to me and they shake my hand to see if they can push me around and right away they feel my rock solid grip. Next thing you know the big tough guy is acting like my bitch and wants to run the other direction . I have also heard some people getting shot up around the block on numerous occasions . Working out has protected me and helped me stay focused all these years. Thank god for giving me the drive and motivation to keep working out through all these tough time. It really has saved my life on more than one occasion.

Published by James Jantzen