Entrepreneurs are often referred to as crazy workaholics. As a young woman who has worked for a big company before I would rather call them visionaries. Here are my top 3 reasons why I would love to join the club of the crazy self-employed one day.

1. Having a perspective

I’m still very young but I have worked in an open plan office before and it made me feel sick every time I sat down at my desk. The problem was that I never felt an ambition for what I was supposed to be doing every day. I did not see the possibility to make a change one day. I know that many people love their job because they are good at what they are doing, because working at the same place for years and years is a comforting feeling to them. And that’s totally fine. But this is not for me. I am searching for something to feel passionate about. I want a job where I can constantly try to improve my skills, where I can build my carrier on my ambition. People often tell me that this is not the right way for a lady, that I’m too dogged or that I’m searching for something that doesn’t even exist. But I won’t give up.

2. Choosing your worktime yourself

I like eating breakfast calmly. I don’t like rushing out of bed, just to bolt my morning cereal and be stuck in rush-hour traffic later. Of course entrepreneurs need to get up early just as any other employee, but I would rather be the last one in the office leaving at 10pm than the first one to be there at 6 am. Also, if I get a dazzling idea on a Saturday afternoon, I want to put in into action right away and not wait until I get back to my workplace. I would love to organize my worktime myself, to take a break when I really need it but to work lots of extra hours if there’s a really important project coming. I’m sure you love going on vacation just as much as I do. And being self-employed of course you can’t go on holiday all year round although you might want to. But not having to ask anyone for permission if I want to visit my grandma for a few days or go on a trip with my boyfriend sounds like paradise to me. I think in the end it’s all about being free in your decisions.

3. Building something for your own

I don’t want to claim that people can’t work selflessly for their company for years and be loyal to it for a lifetime. But what I am trying to say is that if you found your own business, if you are in charge of everything, if you need to make all the important and difficult decisions, you come to a whole new level of identifying yourself with your job. Your job becomes more than just “your job”. Of course we mustn’t underestimate how much of a pressure it can put on you and how stressful and exhausting your daily life will be. But eventually your hard work will pay off and you will be proud of what you have accomplished. Even your kids may take advantage from what you have built up one day. If that doesn’t inspire you to work on your own ideas and dreams, than I don’t know what does.

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