I’ve been praying a lot lately little prayers, big prayers. But mainly the same one over and over again. “Please God don’t let me sit next to someone on the plane ride home to Washington that will treat me poorly because of my weight.” Okay, so there’s most likely some swearing involved in that prayer too. But it’s me being honest with God. About my fears, my worst fears.

No one likes to be embarrassed. But that seems to be something I’m gifted at. Or maybe I am just too easily embarrassed. Either way it seems to happen to me often. And a lot of it seems to have to do with my weight.

Now I know what you are thinking,”Rachel, why not just lose the weight? Then your problems will be solved!” I only wish it was that simple.

If you are still believing the lies that the media and society continuously feeds us then let me break it to you…Losing weight is not easy and not possible for some people. God blessed us with differences. So why should we all be the same weight? Especially based off something as flawed as the BMI calculations? Besides the obvious fact that it’s no ones business (besides my doctor) as to what my weight and anyone else’s is.

I’m not saying don’t buy two airplane seats if you need them. You should for not just others comfort but yours too! And don’t be afraid to ask for a seatbelt extension or buying one. Your safety should always be a #1 priority. What I am saying is don’t be an asshole.

I do not need two seats and don’t act like I do simply because you don’t like how I look. AND if a person does need two seats leave it to the airline to discuss them or at least be respectful about it. All I’m saying is don’t be an asshole.

Don’t be the woman who sulked and through a tantrum like a three year old when her husband made her sit next to me. Don’t elbow me in the ribs and act as if my seat automatically belongs to you even though you didn’t purchase it.

Just have some compassion and kindness in your heart. It’s not easy being fat. Especially since it seems to me that most people already hate me because of my size. It’s not easy being hated…

Have courage & be kind




Published by Rachel Taylor