No , this did not happen when i went to Vegas. Aside from the fact that I'm barley going to be the legal "Drinking Age" . It's just the simple fact that i found who i want to be with and i want to get married. Everyone reading this is probably thinking and saying I'm crazy , well maybe not everyone. I guess its the way you see things. I know i run into so many people who tell me I'm too young and i have a life ahead of me. But in all reality i consider myself an adult already I'm able to save up for a house now , I'm paying my own bills. To others getting married young is a disaster because there marriage went wrong they think that everyone's will go wrong. I can sit here and type all the reasons why you shouldn't assume exactly that but then again what good would that bring? At the end of the day I'm still getting married at 20 and enjoying my life and everyone out there will still be hating on everyone who's getting married young. EVERYONE because I'm not the only one who's going to be married at 20. 


  1. Getting to enjoy your life adventures with your closest friend
  2. Learning to compromise as you approach some of life's biggest events hand in hand
  3. Supporting each other through the good and bad 
  4. Being a part of each other's live's as you get older
  5. You get to Invest as a young age
  6. You learn more about each other
  7. Getting to spend more time with each other before having kids
  8. Traveling now, instead of after your old
  9. Gaining Financial Stability
  10. Having more energy for your kids when your 26 or 27
  11. More time to save up money and invest
  12. Hitting Milestones together
  13. Achieving goals together
  14. Spending more time with friends and each other because your achievements and dreams don't stop when your married, marriage shouldn't stop you from spending time with your friends and finding new ways to have and plan adventures
  15. Having and saving up for a bigger wedding
  16. Buying your first house at a younger age
  17. Fitting into your wedding dress because your still in your 20's
  18. Realizing that just because your married doesn't mean that when you were dating it was any different
  19. Building responsibilities at a young age
  20.  Saying no to the people who ask (if your a girl) if your pregnant and that's the reason why your getting married at a young age ( getting a good laugh at that)


Published by Xenna Jer