I love writing. I love finding my words, using my voice, sharing + listening

Writing is a form of visibility that is both a privilege + a way to continue showing up for radical social justice.


          "The power of visibility can never be underestimated." -Margaret Cho


In the US, today is National Coming Out Day and on various social media platforms, I posted:

coming out + staying out is (for me) both a privilege and a responsibility, until all humans are empowered + safe to do so.

I'm a: queer, polyamorous, radical survivor + I love you.

Love, as I am often heard saying, is a verb. To love involves choices + acts,  including - perhaps, especially - difficult ones. Love is showing up when it is hard. Love is saying no when it is the true choice for you. And love is using our voices, speaking up + calling out, when needed.

When MTS invited me to write + I set up an account, I was thrilled to see sections for Women's voices, Black voices + Latino voices. This is a vital part of allyship + deconstructing systems of oppression: elevating the voices of those who are marginalized, oppressed + otherwise unprivileged. 

But why no Queer voices? Certainly not because we are equally privileged in a heteronormative world, uninterested in writing, or lacking perspectives + words to share.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I contacted MTS + asked this very question. I mentioned that I am a queer voice + interested in writing from this perspective. 

I have received no response. There remains no section for Queer voices. 

This is why I am not (yet) writing for MTS + why this post will remain my only post until such time as I (and others!) can post under Queer Voices.

PS: I love you.

Note: Twice, I received a MTS notification that I had a message. That message has never been in my inbox. It IS possible that a technical glitch prevented a message from getting to me + in the interests of transparency, I mention that as a possibility but not as an excuse.

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