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With my last pregnancy I did the normal thing and registered through the regular stores, Target, Babies R Us, Walmart, and Amazon. I found it confusing and hard to deal with because I was constantly forgetting where I had registered for a certain item and which store had the best deal. But then I discovered BabyList.


BabyList Registry is a new type of baby registry that allows you combine ALL of your baby registries into on convenient place. The CEO of BabyList, Natalie Gordon is a real mom (new mom) who came up with the best idea ever!

Combined RegistryWith BabyList you can go ahead and register through your favorites stores and then they will combine your registries into one simple registry for BabyList. Or you can just registry straight through BabyList and register at whatever stores you like.

RecommendationsBabyList's recommendations for your registerer are amazing! They are picked by real moms and usually spot on for what you need. They also have some amazing sample registries that you can look through in case you need help or think you forgot something.

Baby Registry QuizBabyList has a quiz that you can take that will tell you exactly what you will need based on your answers about your lifestyle. This quiz is pretty spot on guys! Even with baby #2 they knew exactly what I needed. It's not like the stupid checklist that big stores give you that has a ridiculous amount of baby crap on it.

RewardsBabyList does offer rewards and special discount codes to different stores.


Customizable: This is my favorite part about BabyList. The registry not only allows you to add ANYTHING (literally, anything), it also has customizable coupons. You can register for baby sitting, home cooked meals, cash funds (maybe towards a more expensive item), favors, used baby clothes and more! We need a second Pack n Play to keep at my office, I don't really need a brand new one so I just made a customizable coupon explaining that I needed a used, simple Pack n Play. I also asked for children's books, new and used.

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Custom Categories: BabyList has all of the regular categories, baby gear, feeding, diapering, etc. But they also allow you to make your own custom categories. I made a custom category named Big Brother and another one named For Mom. I put items that we need/want but aren't necessarily for New Baby.

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Registry Info Cards: BabyList will send you adorable cards with your registry info for free. These are great to just add to your baby shower invitations.


Go check out BabyList! I cannot recommend them enough!


Coffee & Journaling-10

Published by Liz Hardcastle