Art is considered as one of the best forms of creativity. An artist fill in their ideas and thoughts into the art and creates a value in it. This creative value carries some price which has increased two folds in yester years. The artworks are going high in terms of their prices and there are several different reasons of high prices. Art galleries and exhibitions have taken art to heights of praise and this process have valued contemporary art in Dubai. Despite high prices, the art lovers buy paintings for sale because they crave for the creativity an artist put in an art. Let’s take a look at factors which make an art, expensive:

Art Materials

Art supplies are extremely expensive and at first, an artist need to cover these expenses in order to start his work. Different materials like canvas paints, art mediums and hardware tools are purchased at high prices. Likewise, one tube of oil paint carry a price tag of $45 and a wax medium can costs around $100. The accumulative cost of these materials are included in the final price of an artwork and ultimately the price goes higher. On the contrary, cheap materials are also available in the market but artists mostly try to purchase standard supplies and tools in order to enhance the quality of the art.

Rent of the studio

An artist need ample time in order to be creative and to put elaborative ideas and thoughts into an art. Furthermore, he needs a calm and satisfactory place for his work. Therefore, the artists mostly do their work in art studios and thus they pay rent to these studios. This rent is then added to the price of the art and thus art becomes expensive.

Wage of the artist

The wage of the artist is collected in terms of his time, name and creativity that he puts into the art. The hourly wage of the artist is decided on the basis of his name in the market and the type of art he makes. Furthermore, if the artist is creative, he will be paid more because he thought about his ideas and this thing also took his time. There are different modern art paintings for sale in art galleries that include price tags according to the name and experience of the artist.

Commission of art galleries

Art galleries provide a platform to artists to sell their artworks. Nevertheless, art galleries operate on commission through paintings for sale. The artists use the platform and hey pay the commission to the art galleries. Generally, there is a set ration of 40 percent and 60 percent, in which the art galleries take 40 percent and the artist takes 60 percent. Nonetheless, this ration varies in different art galleries and countries. The art lovers buy art in Dubai for sale and they pay high prices which involve afore mentioned factors.

Published by Mamoona Ranna