Despite the availability of cheap clothing from high street stores, it seems that dressmaking has undergone quite a revival in the past few years. Once a necessary part of family life, dressmaking is now taken up by people from all walks of life and for a number of reasons.

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A creative outlet.

Many people find dressmaking very relaxing, and the finished product can be not only beautiful but also practical. Generic fashion pieces, whilst cheap, can leave someone yearning for more original pieces without the price tag that comes with such designs. Once the basics of dressmaking are mastered, creativity can flow; in addition, it is possible to make very affordable pieces that reflect the wearer's individuality and style for a fraction of the cost that such eclectic pieces might demand if bought off the peg.

Materials are now much easier to the source, with the possibility of buying cotton fabric online from retailers that do not have the overheads of traditional brick and mortar shops and with a wider range than ever thought possible when dressmaking was a necessity rather than a hobby.

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An ethical alternative.

Another reason for the 
resurgence of dressmaking is that people are more aware of where their clothing comes from and may have misgivings about buying cheap clothing that has been made in countries in which worker rights are practically non-existent. Furthermore, the idea of helping the climate by reducing the number of large factories that over-produce cheap clothing appeals to many who enjoy being able to do their bit by sewing their own.

With the ease of buying fabric online from companies such as 
Higgs and Higgs, 'eco-sewers' do not even have to increase their carbon footprint by driving to the shops to source their materials.

Once the initial outlay for equipment has been made, there are plenty of savings to be achieved by making your own clothes and accessories. There is no shortage of dressmaking classes around that cater to all abilities, with the popularity of this pastime evident through the sheer volume of different classes available, from beginner to expert level.

This hobby, whilst once the realm of the older generation, is now being embraced by a new generation of keen dressmakers who are eager to make an impression with their creativity and skill.

Published by Sunil Pandey