Businesses are quickly becoming aware of the usefulness of Instagram and other social networks to advertise themselves and promote their brand and their products as they, and Instagram in particular as it offers stronger engagement rates than its rivals, offer the chance to engage with a substantial number of people spread all around the world, the majority of whom fall into a key marketing demographic which increases the appeal of this audience even more. Now that companies are wising up to the benefits of marketing themselves through social media, it is worth taking the time out to analyse just why they are doing it and, for those of you who may be on the fence and wondering if its worthwhile, to get an idea of what could be in it for you.

More followers means more influence

The number of Instagram followers you have is important as the more there are, the further your content reaches. Depending on what you use Instagram for, whether it be to sell your products and services, promote your brand or to offer the online world a glimpse of your life, the more followers you have, the more people you will be able to spread your message to and influence in whichever way you want to. This is important for those who use Instagram to sell as getting people to buy your product first requires getting them interested in it. It is possible to keep your followers interested in your product but there will come a time when you want to get more followers so as to expand your client base, especially if you are not marketing your brand in other areas.

Followers can use Instagram to buy products

Another reason that Instagram followers are proving to be increasingly more important is that it is now possible for people to make purchases on Instagram. In line with everything else we have already mentioned about Instagram, the more followers you have, the more they interact with your profile, so, inevitably, the more followers you have, the more likely it is they will buy something from you. Being able to sell directly to your followers through Instagram is a hugely important breakthrough and, obviously, by having more followers, you have a bigger audience to sell to.

Is there an easy way to get followers?

Getting your number of followers up is never going to be easy, though there are plenty of ways to organically attract more followers. These require a lot of time and energy. The hard work involved makes it rewarding when they eventually turn up but this can take some time. As with nearly everything in this fast-paced modern world, we want things to happen in an instant. If you are too impatient to wait around for new followers to appear organically, you can always try another option to increase this number. This option involves approaching websites which will accept your money and give you Instagram followers in return.

Where to buy them?

There are numerous places out there where you can buy real Instagram followers who will interact with you content and profile, thus giving it the boost you are looking for. There are many people who are wary of buying Instagram followers as they believe they are not genuine users but you will find that there are real ones as well.  With real Instagram followers, they behave like any other Instagram users in that they press like when they see content they enjoy or comment on posts which pique their interest. If you are paying for Instagram followers, you can be sure that you will get plenty out of them as their interaction with your account will be genuine.

I have the followers, now what happens?

Another key concept to get your head around with Instagram, and it will prove extremely helpful in the future, is that there is something of a snowball effect in play. In other words, when you get more followers, this naturally leads to even more people following you. There are plenty of people out there who are following Instagram accounts simply because they are popular and they have lots of followers. They follow them because they want to get an idea of why they are popular and if they don't like it, they will later unfollow them. This leads to another window of opportunity. If you pay careful attention to the numbers of followers you have, you will also need to be ready to act when you see the numbers rising naturally. This group of new followers could be the type of people mentioned above. Therefore, you need to keep posting content that your followers enjoy and that generates interaction and engagement so as to keep hold of these new followers when they come around and make them feel like it's been worth their time following you.


Published by Samantha Brown