"Don't plan your day with too much to do; there's nothing wrong with keeping Sunday as a day of rest." (366 Days of Flow Calendar) 

There's something inherently different about a Sunday, and that stems from its religious roots as a Day of Rest. Whenever I wake up on a Sunday, I feel automatically like it is okay to do nothing, or to simply relax and do whatever I want without having to think about anything other than my own relaxation and rest. It's why Sunday is one of my favourite days. I feel a certain freedom on a Sunday that it is impossible to feel on weekdays. I'm sure everyone else must feel it too, and it is this feeling that I think needs to be kept alive. 

Ironically, today won't be much of a day of rest for me, because I'm working two shifts. But that doesn't mean I don't still feel that Sunday feeling. However, let's imagine I have the day off, and that you have the day off...what opportunities can Sunday offer us by way of rest?

Have a lie in

If I had a day off in the week and I had a lie in, I'd feel like the day had been wasted as soon as I got up. I'm not a fan of lie ins, but that's more to do with my anxiety: I get anxious that I wasted time in bed when I could have been doing something more productive. 

But on a Sunday, let yourself stay in bed a bit. Even if it it is just for an extra half hour. You'll be able to catch up on some sleep, and relish in the warmth of the morning. You know how the bed seems at its most comfortable just as you need to get up? Don't get up, cherish the comfort and take pleasure in it. 

Have a proper breakfast

Whether you like coffee in the morning, or tea and toast, or something more, Sunday is your day to really go for it and enjoy it. During the week, it is rare that I'll be able to have a proper breakfast. There just simply isn't time to enjoy it. But on a Sunday you can step into the kitchen, stick the kettle on, plug the toaster in, boil some eggs and away you go! And because there's nowhere you need to be, you can sip your tea, coffee, orange juice, slowly. Enjoy the taste and take your time eating the most important meal of the day. 

Switch off from technology

When it comes to rest and relaxation, there's nothing worse than receiving a constant stream of notifications from your phone. I have a Nokia, and in Settings there is one called 'Quiet Hours'. If you turn this on, then Cortana will handle your calls and texts. She will also turn off other notifications. You can also set when your Quiet Hours are, and a Sunday morning is perfect for that! There are certain Breakthrough rules in case of an emergency, and if someone calls you 2 times in 3 minutes, they will be able to get through. You can also have an automatic text sent to people to let them know you are busy at the moment. 

If you have an apple device, the equivalent to Quiet Hours, is 'Do Not Disturb'. This is just like being in a hotel room and putting a sign on your door to let people know you are sleeping. Incoming calls will be silenced, but will be let through if they call again within 3 minutes. Again, you can set up a schedule, and you can even set who you can allow calls from. 

However, I would only use this feature if you are 100% sure that nobody will want to reach you for an important reason during the time you choose to have your quiet time. Again, Sunday mornings are likely to be a good time to test these features out, and switch off for a bit, safe in the knowledge that you can enjoy your own company without being disturbed. 

For the rest of the day...do whatever you want!

You might have a book you want to read, or a film you want to watch. If you like baking, bake some cookies or cupcakes and enjoy them later on in the evening for pudding. If it's a sunny day, take a walk to your local park and breathe in some fresh air. 

Whatever you decide to do, do it with the reassurance that it's okay to rest and shut yourself off. These days, there's a lot of stress and anxiety from our busy lives, and it can only be beneficial to our health to take a day like Sunday and really allow ourselves to wind down from the busy week. 

My final say is this: Happy Sunday!

Published by Jade Moore