Hello fabulous readers.

Today, I am going to discuss a very important topic that us Christian girls should all be aware of. I was recently with my Bible study, and we were talking about how great fellowship is. How essential it is to a Christian life. One girl in the group added that she tried to be in a group of unbelievers and not in a fellowship group- and she said this was a disaster for her.

I understand that we are all called to minster in other areas for people who don't know Jesus. I understand that Jesus reached out to the most broken people; prostitutes, drunkards, and gossips. I understand that spreading the Gospel is an incredible, important aspect to serving Jesus in this life. However, Jesus had his main homies as well as serving people who didn't believe in him.

Yes, Jesus would go out in the open and place himself in places without any other believers. He was so courageous because of that. But the amazing part is that he wasn't alone in his reach to provide the light of God. He had his main buddies he could go back to and seek guidance from. This was essential for him, and I believe it is our duty to take Jesus's friendships as an example of what ours should look like.

I tried to do the "follower of Jesus but also have best friends who don't know Jesus" thing, and lemme tell you, it made following Jesus a heck of a lot harder. Because in high school I was late in the game of meeting Jesus, the friends I made when I didn't know Jesus stuck with me even after I started my relationship with the Lord. 

Having best friends who don't know Jesus is attainable, but it's really, really hard. There isn't much encouragement spiritually, and chances are you can't come to them for advice. They start to wonder why you're kind to those who hurt you, or why you choose to not have sex with your boyfriend until there's a ring on both of your fingers. They wonder why you won't participate in bad-mouthing one of your other best friends in the same group.

In this situation there are completely different outlooks on life, which can cause a lot of frustration.

I had friends who actually began to exclude me more after they found out I started a relationship with Jesus. Knowing Jesus is the best thing that has ever happened to me, but it also has caused some deep loneliness in my life.

I have noticed in other friend groups surrounded around Jesus that their friendship flourishes so much more than the one with my friends who didn't know him. Sure, God can definitely show up in relationships where the other doesn't know Jesus, but having true fellowship with someone is something you truly can't replace. There are true blessings that come when you place Christ at the center of your relationships.

Even though these friend groups were reaching out to others who didn't know the Lord, they still had their main girls to go back to when they needed spiritual help or needed to be held accountable for something. They still had a support group that didn't mind if they brought out their bible to start reading while at a group study hang out. These things aren't weird in Christian friendships, they are normal. 

Having a set of best friends who don't know Jesus can be discouraging in your faith journey. It's a very lonely road to go down. If you are in this position, don't fret! There is ALWAYS an opportunity to find fellowship. Whether that's in a bible study at your college, or a christian group at your high school, or even an online bible study through a website like SheReadsTruth, fellowship is always available for those who want it. 

Don't be nervous to reach out of your comfort zone and join these groups either- chances are some of these girls have been in the same position as you and know exactly what you're going through.

I pray that all of you will find true friends who will encourage you through thick and thin, in Jesus Christ's glorious name. I pray that instead of them driving you to reach for another beer, I pray that they wish for you to lend a helping hand to that person you just can't seem to get along with.

Christian fellowship is a truly beautiful thing. And more likely than not- these relationships can last a lifetime. Who doesn't want sisters in Christ after all? That sounds pretty stinkin' great to me!



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