It's 2016 and Women have crossed every barrier but the Presidency, and that inevitability will happen this fall. The road they took to get there? It was wrought with inequality and landmines that are still being cleared today. Women in the same position that men hold still get paid less. Products specialized for women are more expensive by design but not quality. The rights of women are trampled and taken away on a daily basis and your woman is no different than any other woman no matter how much you try to protect her from a society that has valued her less than you for centuries. You should appreciate her because she goes through the daily struggle that any female has to go through and is still there for you.


Check Your Privilege

As a man, you enjoy a better lifestyle than the woman you entertain. You don't have to put makeup on and look your best where ever you go because as a man you're allowed to be fat, ugly, and as brutish as you want because it's your right. be patient with her and let her lateness be excused because you've never had to draw on an eyebrow in your life and it would take you just as long.

Your woman is not your possession, she's a free spirit that can fly in the wind but chooses to be with you. You can laugh at the cliche of a woman in the kitchen but men, it's a different time now and you should be there as much as her. Learn to cook her a meal, become an expert masseuse, and decide that when you have the opportunity you should make the person you call that sweet nickname feel as special as she is.


The Best Thing for Your Relationship

I don't know the first thing about being a woman, but the challenges that women face are all too evident. The mood swings that you'll have to deal with are there for a reason, someone has to feel something. The emotional, artistic beings that are women dominate our media as fixtures of admiration and love. Yet, the same women are excluded from the men's clubs and circles that grasp tightly the control they desire. You should value a woman for leadership and let her take control of the things that she wants to because there are things you're allowed that she has never been.

If a woman is mad at you, you will know it. When the dust settles and the storm of her fury have subsided, you have to pick up the pieces of your relationship and put it back together again if you can. Fortify your house and wait for the next storm to occur because the stronger it is the better you will weather a woman's scorn.  Trust her because the only thing you can do to stop her from straying is to be the best man she could be with. If she values you like you've shown her you do then you and your closest friend and confidant can make a life together that will create a new generation to change the culture that has subjected women to prejudice and abuse that they never deserved. Visit the author's blog for more articles.


Published by Blake Gardner