If you are thinking of installing a solar electric system or solar hot water systems  on the roof your house, it is better to install it on a good system for more durability and perfect functioning. A metal roof would provide a durable solution for installing the solar system on the roof. Metal roofs can be used as alternatives for age-old roof systems made up of expensive slate or wooden materials.


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On an average metal, roofs will last for more than 10 years and can be installed permanently on the roof. Also, metal roofs are available at very low costs compared to other materials and installing on the household is much easier than wooden systems as it did not require high skills to install. Metal roofs are also popular as they provide better economic and environmental benefits.


Benefits of Metal Roofing system:

Most of the solar panels are made up of PV systems and hence, it is essential to consider the importance of roofs on which these PV systems are going to be installed. Many roofs in countries like Ireland and England are built with asphalt and shingles compositions that are not durable and can break after some years, which may lead to the reinstallation of solar systems. Hence, using metal roofs will hold the solar panels more time and are incredibly durable, which are designed to withstand extreme climatic conditions like heavy winds, extreme rains and snow conditions.

Metal roofs are specially engineered and are prefabricated for meeting the needs of buildings climate and location of the house and also for higher warranties, which typically last for about 2-30 years. This will help to eliminate the problem of removing or reinstalling of solar systems and solar panels until panels themselves need to be replaced.

Racks can be easily installed on a standing seam metal roof known as a concealed fastener metal roof, due to hidden fasteners under the roof panels. This type of roof system works well with solar racks as it offers the option of fastening to lock right into the standing seams. So, these metal roofs will prevent the need for penetrations that is required to avoid water leaks or any premature wear over the time. Laminates are another option is solar panels where thin-film solar panels are attached or adhered to the surface of the roof through the adhesive backing. Metal roofs conveniently accommodate the laminates. Though laminates do not produce more energy, they still produce enough energy to meet energy consumption in sunny climates.

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Metal roofing is made up of nearly 100% recycled material, which makes it more environment- friendly. Also, as mentioned metal roofs have high weather durability and hence can sustain extreme weather conditions that make them last for many years. Many solar panels, absorbs solar energy and reflects the heat of the sun making the household cool thus reducing cooling costs.

So, before installing any solar hot water system Ireland or solar power systems on household, it is better to make use of best roofing for solar panels. Metal roofs with extended durability and strength to last many years helps your solar systems to last long withstanding adverse climatic conditions.

Published by Shiva Kushwaha