A shadow of emptiness dwells in a place of non interest. Every time the word dad; daddy or father shoots out of someone’s mouth; it’s like I see his whole body shuts down. As if the words are as sharp as a steak knife; with each stab losing more and more blood. Draining him of his mankind, leaving him in a venerable veggie state. No emotion to catch ahold of his lifeless face.

Pain; pain I could never feel or explain being a mother. Yet a single mother with a fatherless son release overwhelming emotions of anger, sadness, sympathy, and transgressions. The thought of my now 4 yr. old son having to carry the burden of reject, abandonment, depression and neglect around for a period in his lifetime; all because the man who helped make him, no longer wants to take care of him.  A spineless being with no remorse for others accepted for self.

My son is opposite of everything I thought he’d be. He’s greater actually; even with the lack of. His spirit continues to rejoice!! Thank you Jesus!


We all, even us with two parents carry this feeling of emptiness around; trying to find anyway of filling this void we feel in our hearts. I had my parents all my life, and I still felt like I was missing something. In fact we all are; that missing feeling is God. And can only be filled with the Holy Spirit and Faith in Him.

Also disregard the stereotypes about fatherless sons. They say a lot about black culture and look how that has prevailed. The only limit you have around you is the one you have placed for self. No matter what surrounds you, you can become greater then the person you envisioned. Knowing regardless of what stands against you, you have a heavenly Father that stands with you. He cares, he loves and he protects. He can’t verbally tell you how proud he is of you. But he shows it in your blessings, in your success, your change; with his Grace and mercy.

Don’t always look at what you don’t have as a down fall, look at it as strength; that regardless you will make it. You my Dear are purposed, and regardless of what you feel stands in your way or you have lack of, God will Make a way; as he does every time. I love you! And Jesus loves you even more!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews