When you think of concrete floors, if the first image that might pop up in your mind is industrial design; rugged without any shine, cold and prison like, then you need to think twice. As, all your doubts in mind will vanish, if you go for polished concrete. Polished concrete is the answer to your queries. For your future project, you might opt for polished concrete after knowing the benefits of it. Here are some of the major benefits that will compel you to go with polished concrete over other material.

Economical Flooring Option

Primarily, polished concrete is the most economical. Yes, you will not believe it, but it is somewhere between $2 to $6 per square foot, as per the contractor, it may vary. To polish gray slab and gain lustrous sheen all you have to do is spend a nominal amount to witness the natural stone like feel with tonal differences and subtle crack on concrete. However, it may go up to $8 to $15 for elaborate finishes.  As home owners desire to give more elaborate and distinct looks to their home, different colors and application techniques give subtle variation to the floor. Decorative effects such as grid pattern lines, high gloss seal, faux finishes, limestone and marbled effects.

Easy to Maintain and Care

Well, you hardly have to take care of such floors. All you need to do is a regular mopping with soapy water. Although, mopping brings shine to a floor depending on its type, but the glossy polished concrete even shine more, when the dust is mopped out. It gives a floor an illusion of newly installed floor. So, it is quite easy to maintain such floor, without spending extra amount on maintenance.

The Most Sustainable Flooring Option

Polished concrete floors are undoubtedly the most sustainable option. Once your concrete slabs are polished and sanded down, they look perfectly refined and sealed. Be it your kitchen, living area, or bedrooms. All you have to do is to match them with accessories, fixtures, furnishings, rugs and other decorative items to enhance the beauty of the place. You need not to add any other material. Just use concrete aggregate and your task is done. It will beautify your home explicitly.

You Get Versatile Options

Apart from being economical and sustainable, it also offers a great versatility. You will get a plethora of creative ideas to transform your indoor and outdoor spaces with the help of sealers. In order to avoid the wet look, you can apply silicon based penetrating sealers to the exteriors. This will give amazing look to your floors.

A Great Option for Longevity

The life expectancy of a polished and well-maintained floor is more than 100 years. You do not have to worry about the deterioration, cracks, or creeks on the floor. Even the cracks displayed on concrete are more likely to get repaired with the architecturally salvaged materials.

Hence, these benefits are enough to install the polished concrete. So, if you need residential, commercial or any type of floor, it is very beneficial to install polish concrete flooring. In addition to that, this floor has longer life cycle and it is not vulnerable to damage easily. Therefore, these reasons are enough to contact a polished concrete contactor. You can ask for the references or referral to figure out the best contractor in your area. Hire only after taking interview and asking the relevant questions regarding the project. Finalize the deal after deciding pricing and your budget.

Published by Evan Javier