Many businesses and commercial organizations prefer hiring a company that provides building maintenance services to ensure a well-maintained environment. Since regular maintenance is a vital factor for any building, and commercial buildings comprise of numerous areas, which need constant up-gradation, hiring a maintenance service is an optimal choice. Such a service takes care of every area, right from construction to structural, electronic, and other plumbing and ventilation services. Thereby, saving the organization from the burden of getting these areas fixed separately by different service providers. 

Constructional Functions Performed By A Maintenance Service Company 

The landscape of a building is one of the most vital areas owing to not only its structural function, but also, it marks the first impression on the clients and visitors. A maintenance service thus takes care of every constructional aspect of a building such as: 

  • Their carpenters handle the construction, repair, and renovation or remodeling of a building using latest tools and technologies. Thus, one can hire such skilled professionals who use quality materials dealing in concrete and masonry to help construct the building optimally. 
  • When it comes to roofing, this team handles installation, repair, and maintenance of any type of roof. They also carry out inspection of roofs and other maintenance services such as waterproofing, cleaning the drains and gutters, and installation of mechanical units. 
  • In the area of flooring, the team takes care of repair and installation of any type of flooring such as vinyl composite tiles, carpet squares, concrete slabs, and so on. 
  • Mold growth is a common problem in humid areas and the maintenance team of such a service takes care of mold remediation and restoration to prevent further problems owing to mold. The pest control team further undertakes a treatment strategy for controlling the pest problems. 
  • Painting is another important aspect, which gives quality, as well as beautifies the look of a building. The expert painters of this service carry out a power wash paint of the interior and exterior of a building using quality and heavy duty paints with low VOC. 
  • They also install fixtures such as latest locks for the building including the electronic locking systems, high security keying system, electromagnetic locks, as well as the conventional mechanical locks. 
  • Their professionals also install and take care of fire and flood restoration equipment during the construction process for such emergencies. 

Other Maintenance Services Offered 

In addition to these services undertaken during the construction process of a building, such a maintenance company also offers services in other areas such as: 

Handyman Services

1. Electrical 

They take care of electrical and lighting facilities by installing and maintaining the latest fixtures and fittings such as lights, alarms, elevators, and so on. These latest fittings are ensured to be efficient enough to help reduce the operating and energy cost of the building while reducing wasted energy, as well as improving the aesthetic appeal of it. 

2. Plumbing and Ventilation 

They also install, update, and maintain plumbing system such as hot and cold water systems, sewer systems, and natural gas. Moreover, they also install and maintain HVAC systems for ventilation such as A/C units, gas heaters, exhaust fans, and so on. 

These are the areas served by a maintenance service, which offers a variety of advantages for the building owner. Since these services are customized, they are long lasting and save one from investment on facility management service. They also provide a good impression owing to the aesthetic appeal. Thereby, further improving the productivity of the employees. Make sure that you hire a maintenance service company that is reputable in the industry to ensure the quality service. 

Published by Joel Borthwick