War. Disease. Social unrest. It's around us every day. Trial and struggle. 

From global financial crisis to terrorist acts to disease and natural disasters, we are impacted by trials every day. Some of us, in fact, MOST of us, would say life is hard. Yet, maybe it's not the major events of the world that affect us but the things in our personal lives which turn our spheres of life upside. Perhaps sickness has struck you or your loved ones. Maybe the company you worked for went under. You've lost precious ones in your life. Or, you're wondering why can't you get it together and be married and have some form of happily ever after.

Perhaps your struggle goes even deeper. Why did you have to be the one hurt and abused by those you trusted the most? Why can't you have a child while others do? Why did the thief come and take your personal belongings? Why doesn't seem as if nothing can go right? Why can't you find purpose? Why can't you be mentally balanced like 'everyone else'? 

Shouldn't God be bigger than this? If God is so powerful, why is this so difficult. Why hold onto the faith when it seems the omnipotent Lord doesn't do anything to help. Why stay a Christian when God lets you down? 

Join me as we delve into a thought, a question, or an argument I'm sure we've all had with my guest co-host, Trevor Slone. Perhaps we can help. Call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or download Stitcher on your mobile device. Or, click on the link here

My name is Trevor Ray Slone. I am the author of two books: Doing Apologetics Without the Need for Apology: Biblical Principles for Conrontational Relationality, and Science vs. Religion: Is It Really That Simple? I am also the former and (hopefully) future radio show host of Think it Through, an apologetics oriented program. You can find past episodes here http://themessedupapologist.com/think-it-through. I have been a baker, a security guard, a food service worker, a Walmart overnight stocker and a cart person, an electrician, a personal trainer, a baby sitter, a hotel banquet setup person, a door to door salesman, a college campus minister/apologist, a car salesman, and many other things over the years.
I have a one year diploma in Electrical Technology, a one year diploma in Personal Training, a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Religion, a Masters of Ministry degree with an emphasis in apologetics and biblical exegesis, a semester of Law School, a semester of a doctorate in Bioethics at a medical college in New York, a semester of a PhD in Organizations Leadership, and I am currently working on my dissertation for my PhD in Theology and Apologetics at Northwest University in South Africa (distance program).

I have also been through two horrible divorces, lost all possible contact with my son several years ago, had my mom and dad essentially abandon me completely, had my little brother refuse to talk to me for several years now, been evicted from residence 8 times, moved 40 times, had 75+ jobs as an adult, been severely physically abused as a young child by my mother (she even tried to drown me in the bathtub once), been diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder and ADHD over 20 years ago, been diagnosed with PTSD and an adjustment disorder recently, been hospitalized for suicidal ideations 7 times, been misused and used by many women, lost more friends than I can count from moving around so much, been picked on most of my life for being either too skinny, too fat, too hyper, too weird........and on and on the story goes.

However, I remain stable and steady and firm in my Christian faith, not because of blind faith of mere sincerity, but because the evidence points in that direction more than in any other direction.
Be prepared, I warn and encourage you, to challenge yourself and your beliefs, and be open and willing to go, mentally and spiritually, WHEREVER the evidence and logic leads you!

Published by Parker J Cole