Everyone loves privacy. Most people, however, direct all their effort towards protecting the privacy of their homes and forget that this should apply even after they step out of their premises. It is for this reason that Trevor Hughes looks to ensure that employment laws, which include personal privacy, are known. The increased use of technological devices has posed a new challenge in maintaining confidentiality. Due to the internet of things, people are finding it even more challenging to keep their lives private.

Why is the emphasis being put on privacy? Well, it matters, and here is why.

1. Freedom of thought and speech

 Imagine if you were working for the government or any other entity, and your employer is always watching what you are posting on social media platforms or even communication with your friends about. You would undoubtedly feel suffocated. This is because there are things that you might say that might appear controversial. It is why Trevor Hughes encourages employers to give employees privacy. You are supposed to be free to express your thoughts through speech, be it verbally or in typing. Lack of privacy is limiting.

2. Getting the proper social boundaries

People love to establish both informational and physical boundaries as it brings them some sense of comfort. People need to be in a place that they are free from other people’s eyes, and they can relax. If an employer, for instance, installs surveillance cameras in the restrooms, then that kind of boundary is infringed. People with good knowledge of employment laws like Trevor Hughes understand that employees’ need some level of privacy even at the workplace. To prevent events such as awkwardness and destruction of relationships, such boundaries need to be respected.

3. Reputation management

There are instances whereby employers send you emails with questionnaires attached. You are expected to provide personal information, such as your medical history and so on. It is worth noting that such information is reserved for the use of a specific employer. What does that mean? There should be no point that your employer shares the information with other parties without your consent.

Sharing of such information with a prospective employer may lead to the denial of employment opportunity no matter how qualified you are. For people to be able to manage their reputation and avoid the consequences of wrong judgment, there is a need for privacy.

4. Autonomy

The other reason why technology privacy is essential is for self-government purposes. The Internet of Things and digital technology has made it so easy for people to access different types of data in a short time. What most people may not be aware of is that letting your personal life known to many may deny you the ability to control your life. For instance, you may miss employment due to some piece of information that the prospective employer got his hands on. By attending Trevor Hughes workshops for employment laws, you will get more information on how your privacy can be infringed and how to go about it.

Data security and privacy are essential. Do not fall victim of data breaches: it is costly.  


Published by Charlesa Gibson