When you walk by a store front and see a beautiful display, all of their best items featured up close in a pleasing setting, you feel more enticed to take a step inside and see more. The same effect is had when browsing the internet. When you come across a website with a beautiful layout, design, and clear ques on how to navigate, you feel a sense of trust, a sense that this company knows their stuff and you want to know more. When a website lacks that visual appeal, it gives people a feeling of uneasiness; a sense that maybe they will get scammed or they won’t get what they expect if they give you business. It’s the equivalent of coming across a back alley store with no windows. There are a few web design tricks of the trade that can be followed to create an aesthetic that has a proven track record.

  • Find Your Personal Brand

Branding is where it’s at. You must establish a credible image, keep it consistent across all marketing and products and make it something unique and memorable. When you see the Apple Inc. logo, you know right away what company they are. It is human nature to be driven by emotion so if your design and color palette are appropriate to your brand and target, it will evoke a positive emotional response in visitors and make them want to see more of what you have to offer. There are studies linked to how certain colors bring about certain emotions so really keep in mind what colors you want to use for your product and target market. For example, AvaCare Medical’s website is perfectly marketed toward their audience. The colors and the imagery are very appealing to their elderly target audience. They’re design keeps them at the forefront of their visitor’s minds and has a lot to do with their visitors feeling secure in purchasing their products.

  • Boost Your SEO

A great design will also increase your website’s visibility on search engines. Google, for instance, uses an algorithm to determine how a website will rank. These algorithms track keywords, links, and quite a few other factors and if your site doesn’t properly or is found difficult to navigate, it may get negative attention from Google and hurt your rankings in search engines. Without good standing with Google, you may lose out on a lot of potential customers as the majority of people searching online don’t go it past the first page of results on a Google search. A great web design will help to keep your site on that first page.

  • Bring in a Professional

The best way to get the most out of your website and brand design is to meet with a reputable designer and discuss your thoughts on what you want your reputation to be. If a professional is not in your budget yet, there is nothing you can’t find a tutorial on through YouTube, and plenty of free website design platforms such as Wix to help you get started.

Published by Karen Anthony