The saying goes 'the days are long but the years are short' and it's so true! A few days ago I was struggling to cope with my toddler who suddenly decided that her normal content, calm and joyful personality wasn't up to scratch and swapped it for a attitude that would even be considered bad on the devil. We are talking non stop screaming, hitting, tantrums and tears. To say I was over it was an understatement at best. I found myself wishing she would just sleep so I could have some peace, but then in that moment of wishing for silence, tears now running down my face I realized my daughter was looking at me with her arms stretched upwards. My heart softened as I picked her up, I was rewarded with the longest cuddle and my anger and frustration was quickly replaced with remorse. I began to think about all the moments in the day that my own frustration had caused me to overlook, all the sweet smiles, cuddles, kisses and shrieks of laughter. My daughter was not in a bad mood to annoy me, she was simply feeding off my frustration and so begun the cycle of combative attitude battles between mother and daughter. It was at the end of the day when I was lying in bed that I reflected on the saying I quoted at the beginning of my story and I realized that during our day we had had ups and downs, tears and laughter and I had learnt A LOT about myself, my daughter and the way I want to parent, all of these experiences and revelations in one seemingly short day! So here is my great light bulb momeny of the day: I am a adult, I have the life skills to self regulate my moods - my toddler does not and it is unfair of me to expect her to, perhaps this lesson was to teach me about having a little big more patience and a lot more grace.

Published by Caitlin Griffin