The Paralympics event in itself, does not command equal recognition as the Olympics event for various evident reasons but cannot be generally ignored even if we wanted to do so.


On the 15th edition of the Paralympics event which runs immediately after conclusion of the Olympic games, we look at how far this event have come in recent times.

Although the official Paralympic competition began in 1960 in Rome, Italy, it had originally been initiated by British Veterans in 1948 who had chosen to look beyond their physical disabilities as a result of wars and who now wanted to do something for themselves in which they could be proud of.


The Paralympic event from my view is an event that aims to showcase not just the inabilities of participants but their strengths. It is of no wonder the event excels at highlighting beauty in lesser conspicuous grounds.


This edition has been nothing but enjoyable to watch and as such also inspiring. We see people whose lives are dominated by the strongholds of pain attempting to lead normal lives and doing it with grace.


The Paralympics gives us a chance to learn unyielding resolute. 

The Paralympic events puts all our excuses on a long list and trashes them with necessary haste. It makes us look at ourselves with contempt and disgust. It brings introspective questioning of our character. It asks us what is stopping us from achieving our goals today? This event makes us wonder why we have dreams and never act on them. It destroys all that is left on our already solidified excuses and sets us on fire because we need that warming. We need to know why we fail a few times and decide to stop trying.


This event shows beautiful people with beautiful minds and dreams achieving them not because they are easy to do so but because they chose to not give up in glaring situations of hardship and undeserved pain.


Another thing we can learn from this event is achieving already set goals.

These are football players who do not see so how do they score goals? They don't see anyway so how do they do it? They believe it is there. It doesn't matter that they do not have vision but they have goals and they would do anything there is left in their range of possibilities to achieve that. Isn't it mindblowing? There are footballers with perfect eyesight who do not score goals regulary. Yet there are humans with none  that believe they can score.


It makes us wonder why we believe with total conviction that we cannot play the guitar because maybe we are 25 or 35 and by our never failing assessment, our fingers don't work like they used to before. And also we cannot learn a new language because our brains have stopped expanding. Why would you want to stretch a material that has reached its elastic limit?


Isn't it beautiful, the lengths we go to fabricate creative excuses as to why we cannot do certain things as opposed to the efforts we make in doing those things? Like I can stay back and conceive a thousand and one reasons as to why I wouldn't do something. It is natural. It is the law of inertia. It is easier to sleep in our comfort zones and have beautiful dreams of delusions and feel good about them and die feeling good. But these people do not think that way. They know they are different and that is all that makes the difference for them. That is what gives them a reason to keep pushing till the finish line.

And this is exactly how the real world is set up. The finish line, most often than not, is always in sight and when it is not, it is within our field to be reached but that is just the good news. The bad news is a lot of things are out to stop you. So you know all these and still let inhibitions halt you? That isn't so smart.


The Paralympics explains like no other that impossibility is just a word and should remain as such.

That picture says it all does it not? So while you may not be the next Adele, sorry. You can be the next better version of yourself. And as long as you keep improving that is all that matters.


So what is the beauty of the Paralympics? It is simple and can be seen.

It is an event that brings a group of people together to see an unseen beauty in themselves and appreciate them. An event that shows impossible is nothing and tells us how. It is an event that depicts the strength of the human character and the power of the mind. And we can learn from that.


We can, though not wholly but in quantifiable fragments of our person, understand the constant struggle these beautiful people go through. We can try to alleviate their pains and aid in making their lives easier.


So what? We understand we can be better persons and also make others lives better? Catch-22 situation without even trying.


Here is a nice cat picture for making it to the end:

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Published by Etenwa Manuel