Time Management. What really is time management? According to Dictionary.com, time management is defined as "the analysis of how working hours are spent and the prioritization of tasks in order to maximize personal efficiency in the workplace." Time management is a challenging skill for lots of students across the country especially in college. When one has multiple projects on their plate while going to school, the thought of not having enough time can be scary. There are skills and qualities that give certain students the freedom to do whatever they want because they manage their time correctly. Skills such as setting things as urgent or important, go a long way to making sure one is able to delegate time accordingly. Managing one's time can give people the confidence to take on multiple projects and know they are safe. Managing time as an idea is not hard to grasp, but it is hard to put into practice. It is difficult because as a student, one feels they can attack the world but they feel as if they have to spend the same amount of time on everything they do. Unless they are setting a schedule for the day, one may feel overwhelmed when they are trying to do everything in one day. For some students, it is simply working and going to school. Students feel that they need to go to school, but they also need to work to pay bills. While both are understandable, it is those with good time management that will set what is important, from what is good to happen. In this case, while school may be important, working is just good to happen for said student. Time management is key to success because students and working-class Americans can see that they have a lot to do throughout the day. With so many tasks on their agendas, they have to set what is important from what is not. In today's society, the line between importance and what it is not important is somewhat blurry. This blurriness is what has plagued this nation for some time now, this is why time management is key to success in the world. Time management is key because it gives people the power to set a schedule and follow it. Procrastination is also a deterrent from having good time management, procrastination gives students and workers alike not enough time to be ready. Procrastination, as well as multi-tasking are two ways to mess up one's time management. Multi-tasking is very difficult to handle especially if one gets overwhelmed very easily. Time management is all about separating things and creating time to focus on one thing at a time. Furthermore, this explains why time management is the key to success in life. Time management separates each action/event into pieces of the day, where one is able to focus on whatever a specific event. Life is easier with time management, it is just on the person to apply and follow their specific schedule. 

Published by Darren Walker