Recent events in Orlando have received a lot of media coverage. People comment and state their opinions loud and clear. The incident is personal and touching to a lot of us. 

However, some criticize media for chasing publicity. Are other thousands of people lying in battlefields dying or children starving and living below poverty line not worthy the coverage, they ask. Of course, they are. Everyone will agree, that human life is important and that any suffering is undeserving. 

Unfortunately, we are used to blaming others: the media, the government, the ISIS. Yet, we vote for politicians to build walls around countries, make profit and sell illegal materials to construct nuclear weapons, pass racist, violent and homophobic beliefs to our children. 

Before blaming and shaming, let's take a good look at ourselves. Media is just a reflection of a popular consciousness of nowadays society. It features things we like to read about. At the end of a day, it is a business. So, let's stop blaming a cow for not wanting to go to the dessert, as it will have nothing to eat.




As with most things, everything is in our own hands: let's choose light instead of darkness. The world is in fear, so let's not diminish a media story that is supportive, uniting and showing solidarity. 

Published by Egle Valeikaite