Everybody loves traveling. After all, how can you possibly say no to long vacations, exotic cuisines, fun-filled break from monotony, and loads of recreation? Unless you are one of the extremely lazy beings who prefer the couch and TV over the opportunity to click endless pictures, while making memories; there is no doubt in the joy of traveling.  It is one of the best ways to learn, enjoy, admire, experience and come closer to the beauty of the world.

    While traveling does not mean spending loads of money or burning away all your earnings, it can be customized as per priorities - the way and form you love it. For some it may mean rejuvenating in a resort, while for others it may translate into engaging in every possible outdoor activity. For some traveling is all about meeting people and learning about the local culture, while for some it equates to posing in front of famous tourist places. Whatever be your fix, traveling is a dynamic activity with a wide horizon. Numerous destinations, innumerable staying options, and endless modes to get there define the overall fun of doing it - the right way, your way.

  Even though the destinations and purposes may differ, I always look at traveling as a unique, and fun-filled form of education. Each time I return back from a trip, I feel more matured, wise, experienced and sane in the crazy maze of life. It turns me into a story-teller/philosopher/teacher as I experience something unique every single time. I may enjoy some places more over the others, hoping to make a comeback or return disappointed after a ‘not-so’ fun-filled experience, but in either case the opportunity to learn, admire, rejuvenate and return back inspired draws me to the next available chance. It does not mean I need to travel often or spend numerous days to seek some wisdom. Let it be a weekend getaway or a short tour, next door - every trip teaches me something memorable to treasure forever.

 In today’s trend of smartphones, it is extremely easy to capture loads of pictures. Even though I may click innumerable photographs which I may browse through just once; the experiences and lessons manage to create a permanent memory in my system. After returning back, these practical values tend to linger around, squeezing every value of money spent. Traveling disguises into a self-help book as the wandering mind halts to communicate.

    In everyday rush of routine, where it becomes practically impossible to talk to your thoughts, traveling is one flawless way to reconnect with your inner-self. Like it is generally said “Take trips with your family to enjoy uninterrupted moments, thereby strengthening bonds of relationships”; it does the same with your inner self too. Traveling is an excellent mode to spend some quality-me time, while you return back with goals, dreams and desires.


 Stay with me, while I walk through the reasons that stand for the statement in title.


1. Traveling inspires

Traveling opens up the box of ideas and possibilities. Whenever I fly to the destination- looking at the landscape below simply motivates my belief and charges the system. It prompts me with the thought that everything is possible. All I need is to do is stick to the efforts, without dreaming about them in an open air. Traveling offers that much-needed push to convert ideas to reality. It motivates the desire to achieve what is thought about.


2. It activates the mind

As you come across unexpected circumstances or slight change in plans, traveling activates the thought process. It urges you to tackle the realities and challenges laid out right in front, instead of bothering about some unnecessary figments of imagination. It stresses more over the moment and less over pass or future, prompting the ‘present’ genes to get activated. Traveling can push a lazy mind to action. Often as the certainty of a monotonous routine switches our mind off, traveling can get it back on track.


3. Say hello to a new-you

Blame it on a busy schedule or a well-set responsible life, we hardly get the opportunity to think out of the box or do something different. While we are satisfied with the way we look at things and deal with the routine called life, we fail to try something new. Or on the other hand, even if we want to, it is majorly difficult to introduce off-beat activities around the 24 hours of our day. This introduces the fun of traveling, as you say hi to a new-you. From adventurous activities to dare-devil acts, traveling lets you experience novelty in every form.


4. More observation, less procrastination, more ‘to-do’, less ‘I wish’:

Traveling teaches through observation. It forces you to look around, learn from people, soak the vibe of a new place and open your outlook. It offers little time for procrastination, analysis, and judgment, while prompting the need to take it all in. It drives you towards activities and adventures. By scheduling something interesting around every hour of the journey, there is no spare time for non-productive wishes or impractical imagination. Either you do it or quit thinking about it is the overall mantra of any fulfilling journey.


5. Go with the flow

Traveling cannot be planned to the T. Though it is essential to stick to an itinerary to make the most of the limited time, it is also essential to enjoy the uncertainties. Stay longer to enjoy the sunset view or grab that local delicacy one more time, admire the beauty of nature or bike around the town once again, traveling can motivate you to go with the flow. Besides, aspects such as bad weather, unexpected delays, technical difficulties or the snow that just won’t stop are not in your hands. Things may not go as per plan every single time. Hence welcoming changes and turning them to your benefit can open your outlook towards life too.


  Besides these aspects, there are many more benefits of traveling that cannot be covered under the spectrum of my limited vocabulary. At times, it is the amazing experience of a fulfilled trip that makes it impossible to frame it into words.


  The mind, body and soul long for these speechless moments, while the heart engages with its new-found love at first sight! 

Published by Lavanya