We all know Europe, and we all know there is so much to see and do. The list is really endless when it comes to cities to explore, foods to try and views to be seen. But how do people affordably travel around Europe all the time? 

Some people tell me that travel is expensive, which is why they never do it. Travel is only expensive if you make it expensive, budgeting, commuting and avoiding luxury hotels is only the beginning when it comes to being able to afford to travel Europe. 

You can hire a car, but this is extremely expensive. You can travel by bus, but this includes long and endless hours on the road. Or you can travel by train, which is quick, comfortable and the most affordable way to hop from country to country. 

The Eurail is how myself and many many backpackers, families and travel junkies get around Europe. When people ask me what the best way to do Europe is, I always recommend the Eurail. Yes, tours are a great way to travel with a group, but this way moving from one hostel to another, you meet a bunch of people who are more often than not on the same route as you. 

What is the Eurail exactly? 

The Eurail is a train that goes around Europe, on clean and friendly coaches. You can travel in different classes (1st or 2nd) and there is even a bar on board. The route takes you through the most beautiful parts of Europe, the train ride is never a bore. 

Depending on which pass you use, you could score yourself free train travel - remember saving money where you can for travelling is the key to actually travelling. 


Which Eurail pass is best for me?

This really depends on where it is you want to go and which countries you want to see. There are different passes, taking you to different regions within Europe. 

If you want to explore one country in detail, you have this option with the One Country Pass. 

The Global Pass allows you to pick more than 5 countries all bordering each other. 

There is no set route, you have the luxury to pick which countries you want to visit and how long you want to stay there for. 


Is it easy to use? 

The Eurail is super easy to use and to navigate around, as the trains take you right to the centre of most major cities or a short walk away from where you need to be - I say walk instead of taxi as this saves you money, plus who doesn't want to take a walk through a foreign city?

The best part, you don't have to constantly check-in at the airport and waste hours out of your trip sitting around an airport. You are straight on the train, with beautiful views around you and an extremely comfortable ride. The scenery that you will see on your journey can not be seen any other way, making these train journeys even more of a blessing in disguise. 

It is super cheap!!!!!

Yes the Eurail is super, super, super cheap compared to other means of transport. You can travel Europe globally for 5 train travel days within a month for only 468 Euro. The more train travel days the more expensive it is, but that's normal when you want to visit more places. 

And I know I keep coming back to the scenery, but money can't buy views like those anywhere else. 

 Is it family friendly? 

The Eurail is super family friendly. I did the Eurail with my parents and two younger sisters and we always came across other families. On most trips my parents would chat endlessly to the couple with children next to them, so it is also a super friendly environment. 

Travelling Europe, I recommend taking the Eurail. Check out their site here.

If you have travelled on the Eurail, comment your experience below. 

Published by Brooke Fryer