Just listen to Tupac’s lyrics they are absolutely magical. They flow so smoothly and even though he was a “gangster” he uses very complex words. Tupac was supposedly a hard core gangster yet some of his songs don’t even have any swear words or profanity in them . He even wrote a tribute to his mother . I mean how sweet of a dude to write so sweetly of his mother. I mean what if you were raised in a place where there weren’t even any real jobs to be had. Wouldn’t you be temped to start slanging too?  All the kids who did well in school got there ass kicked and there were bills to be paid. This is survival we are talking about and if you didn’t slang some kind of drug on a corner chances are you were dead. I mean the place where Tupac was raised didn’t have the kind of opportunities that us white Canadians have. You had very few choices and if you decided to be all noble and shit and be all by yourself you would be dead. You had to choose a gang in order to survive and that is just how life is in the ghetto.

In the ghetto you don’t make the rules, you follow the rules of the ghetto. What if you did run away to a new city to get a white job? You would be so thugged out that no one would even give you a job. Your language and demeanor would wreak of poverty and drugs. Chances are some guy in a suit would spit on you and tell you to get lost. Tupac did amazing in his life time in that he got out of the ghetto and even managed to become civilized to a certain degree. It is seriously a miracle and Tupac did all he could to get out of the ghetto and become less of an animal and more of a human. I mean what would you do if you were hungry and had no food ? And your only choices were to get your ass kicked doing well in school , hustling drugs on the streets or joining some kind of gang to kick the shit out of people. Tupac was so misunderstood and still is to this day. I can relate to this mother fucker because I lived in the ghetto myself and was starving on the streets looking for a job . When your hungry, your upset and people treat you like a piece of shit. It truly is a miracle I am not in that situation right now. The struggle is very real and it is a sick trap to live in the ghetto. I appreciate you reading my work and I would love if you would share your comments with me:)

Published by James Jantzen