If you are facing hindrance in the landline phone of the office or home, it is time to upgrade to the new VOIP technology so that you get the right voice over the internet across the world. Voipo is trending now because it is a firm which is providing hassle free and high-quality phone service and makes sure that your investment is in the right place. VOIPO is among leading VOIP service providers with affordable costs. You can use them in the home or business premises. This service will solve all your business concerns of all the years. You will prefer using this phone service because it is digital, super-fast, and has affordable rates. In the United States, many people have resorted to this service due to its advantages.

Why prefer VOIPO when making international calls?

When you are a new customer, and you would like to change from landline to VOIP, you might have to make a difficult choice of either going for another phone company or VOIPO. There is no need to worry because when you buy this phone, delivery is free and comes with a free adapter. You will also get a free rollover line that connects to the same number. This line works independently when facing a problem with your line.

The rollover lines come in handy when there are many calls on hold. When you use this line, you will serve many customers at the same time without having to wait for long. You will end up reducing irritation on the customers’ side, thus building a lasting relationship with the customers. You will also have other features like voicemail, routing of calls, and call logs to help you manage your account swiftly like applying butter on the bread.

Key feature of VOIPO

Voipo which is trending now,  fully dependent on the number of features it is offering. It is surprising to note that it offers over seven hundred features. You need to know that not all features are available on the basic plan. As you upgrade from the basic plan, you will access additional features to your service. The basic plan is quite affordable when you sign a two-year contract. The features you will access from the services are listed below.

You will get unlimited calls to the United States and Canada and sixty free minutes internationally on select destinations. Voipo is a unique choice for many customers. You will have the ability to keep your desired ringtone for your phone number. Incase of emergency, you will get real-time help on features like caller ID, directory, conference calls, voicemail, call waiting, and caller ID.

The most fascinating VOIPO feature is the one for people that have speech and hearing impairments. This feature gives accessibility to individuals that are using text messages to make calls. When you are using the call conferencing feature, you will connect with your clients around the world if you are in business. This feature is also beneficial when you are talking with relatives that are living in different parts of the world.


VOIP is trending now because it gives you access to PBX access at discounted prices. You can also use the computer or other phone applications to connect to your softphone. There is a sure thirty-day money back guarantee that ensures you do not get bullied for your money. You will also have access to a team of professionals that are ready to give you assistance through chat, calls, or email. The features you will get from VOIPO will help you manage calls. Opting for this option means that you have the best solution for cloud numbers and VOIP phone service. When comparing prices among the service providers, VOIPO remains unbeatable.  

Published by Arina Smith